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Why Android is Preferred Choice for On-demand App Development

The mobile applications made their appearance after the evolution of the Smartphones and the tablets. In fact, mobile applications played a vital role in popularizing the smartphones and since then it has been altogether a different story.

In the current scenario, the mobile app development industry has two most stringent competitors; Google and Apple. Although the Microsoft Windows is also a participant of this race, it is lagging far behind. We are well familiar that both the Google Play Store, as well as the Apple iTunes, is already flooded with mobile applications belonging to various categories.

As the numbers of mobile apps are exceeding, it has been relatively categorized into different types such as the corporate apps, the gaming apps, social media apps, messenger apps, and the on-demand apps etc.

According to Statista, the total number of mobile devices is expected to reach around 4.68 billion by 2019. Well, it’s massive numbers. And with almost close to 5 million apps around the world including both Android and iOS, this is one humongous market, which is beyond imagination.

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One of the stats says that social media apps stand at first position amid the most downloaded apps with 29% of the users. The on-demand apps are also not lagging behind According to research, about 59% of the on-demand app users are males and 55% of them are aged between 25 and 44 years. And at a time when a user uses 40 apps per month on an average, the competition level will undoubtedly upsurge.

In one of the previous blogs, we have already discussed in detail why you need to invest in the on-demand apps? Also, we are well acquainted with what an on-demand app is. To summarize it, in brief, it is an online and instant service provider, which simplifies the lives of the people, making their day-to-day activities more convenient.

If on one hand, the on-demand apps are making our lives comfortable, they are also boosting the business and economy, So, now, the users don’t need to call the service centers and wait for the concerned person to offer the solutions.

However, here in this blog, we would analyze the relevant reasons why Android Operating System is a better and preferred choice for on-demand app development for the business enterprises and start-ups.

1. Android Apps Have Lion’s Share in Market

Before we decide to build any mobile app, we need to first find out who our target audience is. We have already talked about the two major competitors in the mobile app market; Android and iOS. The statistics and figures have confirmedly proved that Android Apps available in the Google Play Store far exceed than the apps accessible in the Apple iOS Store.

According to the latest Statista report, the total numbers of Android apps are ranging about 2.1 million whereas the number of iOS apps remains around 2 million in the third quarter of 2018.

Secondly, the demography or the geographical region coverage of Android apps around the globe is also higher. The Android apps share large market bases in Asia including countries like China and India, the two most populated nations in the world.

In addition, Android also finds its user base in European and South American continents as well as some parts of Africa. On the other hand, the iOS finds its user base mainly in the North American continent comprising of US and Canada besides Australia.

Therefore, obviously, if you want to catch up with larger targeted audiences, then it’s best suitable to choose the Android apps. Moreover, you are able to target the common masses who are the biggest users of Android. Don’t think that you won’t find customers in USA, Canada or Australia if you have chosen Android app platform.

2. Google is Lenient Regarding App Policies

If you ask any expert, he would confirm that Google is somewhat more lenient on the Android app developers regarding the guidelines related app publishing and rejection. The reviewing time at the Play Store is much quicker and as such the developers also don’t need to follow any stringent terms and conditions.

To add more, for start-ups and new business entrepreneurs developing the on-demand app for the first time will have to pay only a one-time $25 registration fee before uploading the app. In the case of Apple, this fee exceeds $99 per year.

3. Addition of More Features

There are a few must-have features in the on-demand apps such as the integration of Maps, GPS functionality and push notifications etc. which are necessary to reach the targeted customers. Now this leverage is offered by the Android and has an edge over the iOS. You need the GPS and Map feature to track the exact location of the product.

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4. Ease of Customization

The important aspect about the on-demand apps is that it needs to suffice the requirements of the end users. Therefore, its functionalities keep on changing as new trends keep on arriving.

This further requires the developer to update the app at regular intervals to serve the needs of the customer. So, Android offers better customization in comparison to the iOS.

Since the modification of apps become easier, the app retention percentage also increases.

5. The Advantage of Google Assistant

With Android, you also get the support of voice assistance in the form of Google Assistant. You get an access to several data points, which make Google Assistant more efficient and better as compared to Siri.

The Android users just have to say the command and the data gets encrypted. This makes much easier for the customers to search for a particular item.

6. Data Storage

When you are planning to develop an on-demand app and launch it on the Google Play Store, you get the extended facility of cross-platform as well as 15GB free storage capacity. You can store the data in the Google Drive. In addition, Google also has its own cloud storage besides the Google Drive making it simpler to access the data.

You need a big storage house because usually the on-demand apps have large customer data as well as the revenue generated from the sales.

7. Support for Multiple Languages

The on-demand app must also have the feature of multiple language support as it is based on the B2C model. It is a major benefit that Android offers a support for about 100 languages in comparison to mere 34 languages in the case of iOS.

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8. Android Devices Offer More Memory

Another good reason for you to choose Android for the next on-demand app project is that Android devices offer more memory. So, you don’t have to worry about the large size of the apps. The memory can also be managed through the micro SD card.

Also, Google gives the freedom to the developers to use their innovation while designing the apps and make the features more attractive.


There is no doubt that the popularity of the on-demand apps have incredibly skyrocketed and today the clients look for a reliable and profitable app platform, which can help in maximizing the gains and target maximum customers. Android is developed and backed by Google and thus, it offers best advantages to both customers as well as the developers.

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