Developing A Mobile Event App: Best Features to Include

When you open the Google Play Store or the iOS Store, you come across various types of mobile applications; designed for an array of purposes.

The Event Planning App is one such mobile app that has gained the spotlight not only in the corporate sector but also it’s no less than a boon for professionals such as a wedding or party planners and event organizers.

Moreover, even people, in general, can maximize their benefit, specifically if they planning for a social gathering to celebrate an occasion such as a birthday or wedding anniversary, etc.

Why the Event Apps have Suddenly Hogged the Limelight?

Well, the statistics related to such apps will answer the queries. According to Business Wire, the market associated with event management is expected to increase by 8.42% from 2016 to 2020.

In another study by CrowdCompass, it was revealed that about 86% of event planners have got an event app installed on their mobile phones in 2016.

In fact, the same agency also suggested that there has been a growth in the use of attendee mobile event apps from 85% in 2015 to 94% in 2016.

So now we come to the most important part of the discussion and that is how you will develop a smart event app for the end user that can help him never miss out on an important meeting or conference.

In addition to that, this mobile app is quite useful in several other requirements including establishing the connection amidst attendees, helps in sharing vital data and other documents and also informs them about the upcoming events.

However, before you get down to framing some serious strategies about the app development, you should know that primarily there three types of events apps:

  • Meeting Apps
  • Internal Event Apps
  • Conference Apps

Therefore, whichever type of app you are building and whether you are developing the app for an Android or an iOS platform, you must include the essential features to make it successful and also increase the traffic.

Feeding of Events including Date Time and Venue

Event Feeds is one of the key features that you can add to your app. It is usually a list of events that will take place in a specific city.

Users can check those and get a brief summary of what the event is all about, its date and time.


Apart from that, it will also be a great help for the people if you also provide them information about the venue and how they can reach that place.

You can add a map showing the nearest landmark to the spot and also brief them about the available local transportation and it will give them directions to reach the place easily.

The Facility of Buying Online Tickets and Registration

Many Events including the corporate conferences require the attendees to buy passes and register themselves first in order to attend them. It will be handy if you offer them this facility all at one junction and that is your app.

They can purchase the passes and do the registration without hankering anywhere else.

The Agenda of the Conference and Speaker Intro

Most users will appreciate your app idea if they also get to know the agenda of the conference. Based on the importance of the agenda, they will probably decide whether to attend the conference or not.


Besides that, you should also include the schedule of the event such as when it will commence, who will be the prominent speakers, what is the break time and so on.

It is a good idea to also add the speaker biographies so that the people attending the event are aware of them.

The Importance of User Interface in Any Event App

We are all familiar that User Interface is perhaps, one of the most distinctive features of any mobile app. Thus, when it comes to event apps, you should try to offer an interface with easy navigability.

It must be user-friendly and well-designed too. The user should find every feature of an app with ease.

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Making the App Highly Interactive

Communication and interactivity are the two most vital components of any event. The audience participating in the conference should feel that they can also give their valuable contribution to the conference.

Now, if you are incorporating a feature where audiences can interact with the speakers and ask their queries related to the topic of discussion, surely it will be a huge bonus for your app.

Offering an Engaging Content

Obviously, if you are creating an app, you want more and more people to download it.

One of the viable techniques to achieve that end is offering engaging content that people can easily tell others and recommend them to download the app. They can also recollect the happenings of the events afterwards.

Recordings and the Presentations

One of the features that will make your app stand out from rest is providing different facilities such as recording of the event or the presentations exhibited.

The recordings can be presented through a document library where the users can access important videos, PDF files, and other podcasts. They can also check out the other videos later on.

Using the Social Media Platforms Effectively

social media

Your app will rather be considered incomplete without the presence of social media platforms.

This is one of the most effective tools to market your app amongst the targeted audiences on one hand and an optimal way through which the attendees can share the experience of the event on different platforms through messaging, comments, images, videos, tweets etc.

Offering the Feedbacks and Analytics


Lastly what you can do is ask the users to provide you the feedback through your app. In this way, you will at least get an idea of whether your event app was successful or not.

On the other hand, you can also plan your strategy for the future apps that you will be offering based on this experience. It definitely acts as a promotional weapon.

The Conclusion

Various types of events keep taking place at different venues and cities around the world.

So, undoubtedly, one of the best ways to keep the attendees updated regarding such happenings is through event apps. This is also a dominant opportunity to drive more customers to your app.

It is not only the event planners or organizers, who benefit from such apps, but the people participating and the app developers as well.

If you make your app interactive and add the essential features by providing all necessary information, then you can expect a good positive outcome.

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