How Mobile Application Offers Benefits to Different Industries (Infographic)

In this competitive modern business era, all kinds of industries need struggle harsh to stay ahead of their leading rivals. Recent advanced technologies have assisted businesses to make their complex operations more efficient and quick.

Nowadays, mobile apps become the latest business trend that has been adopted by almost all industries in order to reach their global audience as well as stay connected with them quickly with several other benefits.

In order to gain benefits from mobile app such as build a relationship and loyalty with customers, enhance brand awareness, visibility, accessibility as well as increase sales, strengthen brand, and many more, most of the industries have started developing mobile app to strengthen their core business activities and increase growth.

Based on RED HAT Mobile Maturity Survey, shows that 90% of organizations had increased their investments in mobile app in 2016.

In addition, Gartner survey say that by 2017, the demand of mobile app will increase 5 times more than the capacity of internal IT organizations to deliver it.

From social media apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook to the job search app, including LinkedIn, a gamut of advantages gained by different industries using mobile application to connect their global audience with an aim to promote their products and offer prompt services to their customers.


Mobile technology has made learning easy and affordable in present time. In the age of e-learning, mobile app enhances interest of students in learning and comprehending subject easily and quickly.

Nowadays, from nursery to post graduate, mobile apps help in teaching the subject elaborately.

Universities, colleges, primary and higher secondary schools as well as personal coaching classes can improve standards of quality education using educational app that also helps in offer personalize education to each student. It also helps in efficiently managing the overall system of the education institute.

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Games and Entertainment

Based on statista survey, Gaming app belongs in the top most category of mobile app show approximately 17 billion revenue on the global level and expected to grow over 44.2 billion by 2018. Gaming apps offers users engaging experience with complete entertainment without constraining age group.

From famous cartoon character to favorite actors and actresses, gaming and entertainment apps are ruling the app industries. A trend of movie app prior to its release also attracts the global audience.

Different mobile gaming app categories include action, educational, music, adventure, racing, puzzle, sports, and many more attracts people of all age groups, globally.

Choosing a current scenario or trend, festival or famous personality based gaming concepts works successfully to allure target audience on the global platform.

Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism apps also become one of the most popularly used apps in the world. Nowadays, tourism industries started seeking help of a professional mobile app development company in order to enhance growth and reputation of their business.

Knowing facts about the tremendous benefits of mobile app for tourism business, today, the travel industry is enjoying gaining its unmatched outcomes.

A mobile app for travellers helps them to plan their trip efficiently and quickly in a cost-effective manner. Moreover, many useful features during travelling also proffer in app such as check weather, search restaurant, map features, nearby attractions, famous shopping places, and several others.

From finding a hotel of your budget to book flight tickets, nowadays, travel apps comprises all advanced features in order to serve customers quick and accurate services just at their finger touch.

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Mobile app for transport can benefit the transportation industry in improving customer services, workforce management and many others, such as from monitoring vehicles, deliveries, location of workers as well as assign routes, distribute tasks, etc.

Different app can be developed such as for offering bus/shuttle/car services, an app offer instant access to a hire vehicle. In order to improve the efficacy of the transportation industry, different types of mobile apps give complete solutions helps them in enhancing operational capability.

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With increasing use of technology in every sector, manufacturing industry has also stepped ahead in taking advantage using the latest technology including mobile apps.

With advanced features and functionalities, mobile app for manufacturing industry helps in automates the complex operations of the unit easily.

Moreover, it also eases to connect the entire network of employees, suppliers, customers, and business associates. Utilize better resource management, enhance decision making strategy and increased productivity becomes feasible with seamless mobile app.

In order to streamline inventory management, inspection, work order, customer services, logistics, invoicing and other processes of a manufacturing unit, an efficiently developed mobile app accomplish all your purposes.


In the ever-increasing challenges of the pharmaceutical industries, mobile app becomes a boon for this industry. From profound clinical studies, research and survey to store vast research based data, mobile app help pharma sector in monitor all activities of the drug before and prior to its launch in the market. It also helps to comprehend their product impact and implement it accurately in the future.

Moreover, app for pharmacists helps in collecting all data easily and quickly, offer quality care and reduces paperwork.

Moreover, access to sharing patient data, interactions with patients and physicians, deliver more personalized care to patients, and many more to offer real-time responsive services.

Banking & Finance

Mobile apps meet all the objectives of banking and finance sector by offering unsurpassed advantages to their customers. Comprising high-end security level in an app, mobile banking app becomes most convenient tool for the industry to allure the customers.

It helps the banking sector to improve customer engagement, provide better services and stay connected to inform them about new financial products, schemes and offers.

With several easy to use features can make banking app boon for its users. Thus, an efficient mobile app helps in attracting more customers.


We have discussed here only a few industries. But, today, almost all types of industries can gain benefits of custom mobile application development based on their requirements.

You can hire any expert mobile application development company who can develop customized user-friendly and successful mobile app based on your needs of cross-platform mobile app development that helps your business to enhance productivity and profitability.

Check out our detailed analysis about the most popular industries that are earning benefits using mobile apps for their business in an infographic format.

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