Benefits of Mobile App Deep Linking for Your App Success

With increasing numbers of mobile apps, it becomes puzzling for users to find a most suitable app they are looking for. Nowadays, from a small business to a large conglomerate, everyone is looking for developing a mobile app to enhance their business efficiency. But, that will not solve the purpose of your business. Unless and until, you spread a right message to your target audience, your best quality and fully functional app has no value.

In order to maintain your business leadership and defeat rivals, you should stay updated with latest technology as well as most efficient advertising and marketing methods that work magnificently to maximize benefits of your investment, in real time.

Mobile Deep Links – A Latest Tool to Make Your App Marketing Successful

In recent times, mobile deep linking is the latest kind of online advertisement helpful in offering mobile users precise information based on their search and take them efficiently to the content page that they are looking for. It is not only helpful for mobile development app companies to generate revenue, but also helps in increasing numbers of app installations.

Mobile app deep linking is the most efficient way to communicate with the other mobile apps or mobile web with the help of clickable links that direct users to a particular screen or a landing page inside the app other than directing them to app store or a mobile site. It facilitates user to take them to the particular content or service or products they are looking for.

Deep links enable users to lead to the specific app page directly using the different interactions such as one app to another app, ad to app, website to app as well as social media to app, SMS to app, email to app and many more. Moreover, mobile phone search as well as search results to the app are also allows users to make their search efficient using mobile deep linking.

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Types of Mobile App Deep Links

A Deep link is a mobile link or a URL that works as a hyperlink in which it takes users to a specific screen of a mobile app instead of sending it to a website or a web page. The different types of deep links are Standard or Basic Deep Links, Deferred Links and Contextual Deep Links.

1. Standard or Basic Deep Links

It directs mobile users to a particular screen of your app with the help of your app URL. It can be incorporated into different mobile channels such as emails, SMS, web pages, social media sites, etc. It is useful to send users any part of an app. A seller can link any product ad on the mobile web to app’s specific product page. This link saves the valuable time of users in finding a particular page or app, but the only disadvantage is, it shows an error page, if a particular app is not installed on the users mobile.

2. Deferred Deep Links

Such like standard links, it does not require a particular app installed on the user’s device when the user clicks on a deep link. It directs users to the app store, if an app is not installed in the user’s device. Once user installed an app, it takes users to a location or a screen within an app.

3. Contextual Deep Links

This is the best type of mobile deep link compared to basic and deferred links as it provides better relevancy and direct users more precisely to a particular location. This links not only directs the user to a specific page, but also pass data (about the user, who they are, referred from where, etc.) to that app through install and give the experience of personalized onboarding and better attribution.

Unsurpassed Benefits of Mobile App Deep Linking

Mobile deep links proffer mobile app developers and marketers several benefits that help them to make their marketing campaign more efficient, better user experience, improve user engagement as well as boost conversion, build retention, personalized onboarding and several more.

Helps in Promoting Content Efficiently

With the help of mobile app deep linking, you can create links on social media accounts, email addresses, websites that allow you to link back to a specific content just within your app. This efficient tool helps you to take your users directly to your app page on which you have promoted content. Thus, without giving users chance to escape in between if an app taking time to open, this link helps app developers to take users to the right content or products they are searching for.

Enhance Users Engagement, Retention and Re-engage

App using deep linking gets more benefits in terms of increase activation rate as well as retention rate. They also realized the difference that users visits the app more frequently compared to the app without deep links. It also helps in re-engage users who have already installed your app, but not active from long time. With the help of push notification, deep links take the users directly on the page giving interesting information about your product or services attract users to re-engage with your app.

Improve the User Experience & OnBoarding

Deep links allow users to reduce their searching time and make the navigation easy and fast. It takes users directly on the page they are searching for instead of waiting for welcome page to open and finding relevant content. Contextual deep linking helps in offering users personalized onboarding experience with personalized messages or invites.

Increasing the Number of App Installation

When you use deep links in your app, Google index it and show your app in search engine result pages in a similar way it searches for a website. When user clicks on the link, it leads it to the page to install it, if it is not installed in the user’s device. Thus, it helps to attract more users to install your app directly. It also helps in increasing the ranking of your app in the app store listing.

Make Your Marketing Campaign Effective

Using efficient mobile deep linking tool, you can make your marketing campaign efficient to increase sales and profit. For your travel app, you can send a special discount offer on holidays using deep links allow users to directing on a page to book the trip, instantly from the app page.


Mobile app deep linking offers app developers and marketers several benefits in terms of enhancing sales and revenue. If you are looking to make your mobile app more successful, you should definitely use deep linking as an efficient tool for marketing and promoting your app.

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