Samar Patel

Having experience of 15+ years in the Software Industry and worked with Fortune 500 companies in consulting roles in 2020, Samar Patel has joined MindInventory been using his creative vision and excellent insight into company management to enhance operations as the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of MindInventory. Upon taking over the position, Samar started in the field of leadership at an early age, taking on multiple leadership roles in various large scale to stealth startups.


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How Technology has Transformed the Logistics Industry?

Technology has transformed the logistics industry over the years, revolutionizing the way goods are transported, stored, and managed. Automation...

Aug 31 · 10 min read >

Web3 in Fintech: How Financial Institutions Can Harness Decentralization

The internet world is not as perfect as you see it. It sometimes becomes fragile to be hacked and...

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How to Leverage Web3 Technology in Real Estate?

Imagine a world where a virtual tour to a real estate property is as immersive as visiting it offline;...

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How Retail Businesses Can Leverage AR in their E-commerce Solutions to Drive More Sales?

Gone are the days when technology was just a talk limited to defense, automobile, and healthcare sectors, amongst only...

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How Top Brands Like Starbucks and Walmart Have Increased Their Sales Through Mobile App Development?

Is mobile app development really an opportunity for businesses to take it to the next height? If we see...

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How Will AI Take Forward the FinTech Industry in 2023?

Artificial intelligence in the FinTech industry is a topic that has created a big layer of curiosity around itself....

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Why Top Firms, From Amazon to Tesla, Are Broadly Investing in AI Process Automation?

It’s a difficult time for businesses to think about their survival as many new businesses are emerging and quickly...

Nov 11 · 16 min read >

Why Did BMW and Toyota Choose Flutter for Automotive App Development?

Developing a cross-platform automotive application is a task that calls for a blend of constant brainstorming, creative approaches, usability,...

Oct 18 · 12 min read >

How AI Can Be Beneficial to Healthcare Startups?

If we are talking about intelligence framing the reference of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector, then definitely the...

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A Secret to Successful Software Product Development for Startups – You Must Know

In the age of digitalization, software product adoption has received a massive peak in the past few years. With...

Sep 20 · 10 min read >

Cloud Business Intelligence: An All-inclusive Guide to Making Your Business Go Places

Have you ever wondered about all those popular brands’ theories due to which they win their audiences’ hearts? How...

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