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The Importance of Mobile App Maintenance

There is one common myth regarding the mobile applications that once an app is created and launched on the app store, the job of the app developer and owner is completed.

Of course, you want audience to come back and engage more on the platform. And just think over it; what if the two most popular Mobile Operating Systems- Android and iOS release an updated version? Will you not offer an upgraded version of the app? So, then you need to maintain the mobile app.

Well, talking of maintenance, you already know how important it is. Maintenance is a broad term and not just restricted to the upkeep of your vehicles, electronic devices, your home or the machineries.

It is equivalently vital to maintain the mobile application that you have developed for a seamless and trouble-free operation.

Moreover, you also don’t want to come across performance based issues and put in the best effort to provide an improved user experience.

In addition to that, the maintenance of the app at regular interval also keeps it up to date.

It’s time to focus on a few stats, which will reveal the importance of maintaining the mobile apps.

According to an article published in the Business Insider, nearly 52% of the apps are uninstalled by the users, only after a period of three months because of its poor upkeep.

In yet another survey it was found that about 30% of the app developers update their apps every month, which indeed is a good practice. And to tell you the truth, the cost of mobile app maintenance isn’t that high.

According to Fierce Wireless, the app maintaining cost is somewhat around $10000 to $20,000.

Getting the Latest Versions of the Operating Systems

Android and Apple, both keep on updating their Operating Systems at regular basis whenever there is an advancement in the technology.

You are well aware of that fact that there are a number of apps which stop operating on new versions that does not support them.

For instance, Apple recently launched the iOS 11 version and as much many apps working with iOS 10 did not operate in the new version. Even Android has launched the Android 8. The operating systems gets updated once in a year.

You should try to provide the proactive audit to the users when the beta version is made available. The development team will have a discussion as to what changes are to be made in the app.

And it’s a wise decision to maintain the app than to lose the users, who get annoyed when the app does not support.

Can Provide Financial Benefits in the Long Run

When a company develops an app, it tries its level best to offer the optimum finished product into the market. However, creating a perfect and flawless app is considered something not possible.

So, if you are willing to save the initial expenditure cost, then implementing the maintenance plan becomes necessary. This means you are updating the app timely and not incorporating the unnecessary features that aren’t required.

A survey showed that at least 21% of firms have performed unsatisfactorily as far as Return on Investment (ROI) from its mobile app is concerned.

Apart from initial savings, businesses can also save money for the long run if they properly implement the maintenance plan.

You can monitor the apps in proactive manner rather than reactive way. This will bring in less technical issues and improve the robustness of app.

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The Improvement in Software Libraries

Well, if you are in app development business, you must be well acquainted regarding the importance of software library in app creation.

To start with, a software library is prewritten codes, configurations, and routines and the developers update or improve it. But all apps do not have software libraries and the ones which have must be completely up to date.

Offers an Updated User Interface (UI)

The User Interface of the mobile app should always be updated and advanced. Of course, what looked chic a couple of years back, won’t have the same influence in the present time. It should have a more sophisticated look. Now you can get all these pros if you are maintaining your app.

Another vital point to note here is whenever the mobile phone manufacturers bring in a new model, they aren’t always of the same size. So, UI must be designed in accordance with the size of the phone.

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Getting a Better User Experience (UX)

A study informing that app maintenance has played a crucial role in generating more traffic and higher ratings from the users. This statement is adequately enough to tell you the importance of app maintenance and the success of your mobile application.

So, if you want to get more audience and be on the top, then user experience becomes more than important. It is that deciding factor which informs whether people will download your app or not.

Incorporating Technical Enhancements

The mobile based technology keeps on changing and after every month or two we perceive a new set of technical environment for the mobile apps. It may include the programming languages, new platforms, technology and much more.

If you are going in for the app maintenance, then you will not only offer the latest version, but also make the changes very aptly as per the demand.

When you are maintaining the app, you are also providing it a stable and secure platform.  Today app security is becoming an essential aspect, keeping in view the increasing number of cyber threats. It will remain error free from technical point of view as well.

Allows Regular App Monitoring

Today app market has become stringently competitive and so in order to cope up with the high level of competition, personalized app monitoring is very important.

It becomes all the more vital in cases where the companies do not have sufficient resources to undertake the maintenance work.

Thus, they need the support of an external mobile app partner that can help them in this task. App monitoring includes all the four types of maintenance namely adaptive, corrective, emergency and perfective.

You need to monitor at regular intervals if your app is functioning efficiently and make sure that it remains bug free.


It is as clear as a crystal that app maintenance is extremely imperative if you want to rule the app world. The users also need to keep engaged and it needs to be ensured that they don’t uninstall the app due to technical problems or any other issue, which can be sorted out through maintenance.

Lastly, providing an updated and latest version of the app should always be your priority and that can only be achieved if your app is up to date and maintained on a regular basis. You can get in touch with our highly proficient app developers to know all about app maintenance cost.

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