Tips for Developing Mobile Apps with ReactJS

React is a JavaScript Library which is used for development of User Interfaces. The Facebook initially launched it on 4th March, 2013. Today it has become one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks even though it was introduced about four years ago. According to data, websites including Imgur, Netflix, SeatGeek, Airbnb, Feedly, HelloSign and others use ReactJS.

However, some users might get confused between ReactJS and React Native, but to tell you the truth they both are quite different. However, in this blog we will only concentrate on ReactJS and be acquainted with how you can develop an app with this JavaScript library. It utilizes a method for rendering the web pages, which in turn converts it into highly responsive and vibrant user input.

Now we take into consideration a few data and statistics related to ReactJS, before proceeding further with the discussion ahead. The stats presented by Similar Tech shows that its popularity amidst the people and society is about 17.6 %, 11% amongst business communities and 55% about others. Another report by BuiltWith states that United States ranks number one in using ReactJS, followed by Mexico and United Kingdom.

Now we have to know what are the specific reasons for the popularity of ReactJS. We can highlight a few of these:

One Can Grip Them with Ease

One of the major aspects which make ReactJS, a preferred choice is that they easy to comprehend and you can learn their basic insights without much difficulty. This JavaScript framework is not fully featured and is a V in the MVC (Model View Controller) pattern.  Moreover, you will also come across a number of video tutorials helping the developers in building the mobile apps.

ReactJS Makes Easy to Write Components

Another great feature which Facebook added into this JavaScript is JSX, an optional syntax extension. Therefore, the components can be written with much ease as JSX allows you to combine HTML and JavaScript. As such, you don’t have to follow the complex rules and developing custom components or high volume application becomes simpler.

ReactJS Allows Component Reusability

The fact that ReactJS supports component reusability offers developers various benefits. You will have to put in less effort while developing apps as it is reusable for other applications. The accuracy and speed of the app development also improves.

The Advantage of Having an Open Source Library

The Open Source Library is one of the great assets that ReactJS offers for the web and mobile development. The app builder does not limited impositions such as templates, patterns and complex architecture. It allows you to constantly develop and is open to contributions.

The Benefit of Virtual DOM

The presence of virtual DOM makes the user experience better and the developer works faster. DOM can be defined as a logical structure which is available in various formats like HTML, XHTML, or XML. You can speed up the updates using Virtual DOM.

Apart from these, there are various other advantages such as building isomorphic apps, offering straight tools to the developer, great for SEO and others.

ReactJS also a boon for the Mobile App Owners

So far we have seen how ReactJS is helpful for the app developers, but in fact, it is advantageous for the owners of the app as well. It offers several benefits like it runs smoothly during data rendering, increases your business productivity; it can work on any device and helps establishing connection with the customers.

In fact, it has also assisted the customers in a number of ways. Examples include linking the credit card with the bank account, responsive designs and advanced notification management etc.

Developing Mobile Apps with the Help of ReactJS

The ReactJS is supportive in case you are developing single-page applications. It also supports the virtual DOM with browser’s one. Thus, it is able to identify which parts of the DOM have changed in comparison to saved virtual DOM. The library is able to identify how to upgrade the browser’s DOM effectively. Front desk developers have work harder than those working behind the scenes.

Now let’s know what knowledge and skills does a developer needs to have for creating a Mobile App with ReactJS. To answer this question, as a developer you need to posses some knowledge about HTML. However, of you are also familiar with JavaScript; it will be an added advantage.

Basically when you are developing an app through ReactJS you will be working on front end UI development with ReactJS, viewing the process of rendering and application techniques, working on JSX syntax and conceptualizing JavaScript. In addition to these, the other vital tools include virtual DOM, reusability of application component and UI Designs.

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The MV*Pattern

You will be surprised to note that React is no more a MVC framework. In fact, one is aware that ReactJS is not a two-way data binding process which takes place mainly due to events triggered by a correction in any of the part. Therefore, you will find the unidirectional data flow here, in this case. A new element has been introduced which is a combination of view and Controller.

Working with the JSX syntax

JSX stands for the JavaScript Extension syntax that helps in HTML quoting and rendering subcomponents. This makes the writing of pure JavaScript easier for the developers. As PHP is a popular framework, similarly, the Facebook has introduced the JSX syntax which looks like HTML.

The Class System

ReactJS is initiated with a class system as everything revolves around the elements. The elements have their own eco system and as such they are mainly developed with a concept in mind. This is an unexceptional method of React.createClass. But since the conventional Model-View Controller (MVC) is absent, the traditional class system too becomes outdated.

Third Party Plugins

This is one area where the React does not find much support as the third party plugins is lacking for this framework. However, you have to keep yourself abreast about the latest releases of plugins.

The Documentation

If you are using ReactJS to develop the app, you must keep in mind to be familiar with documentation. It will be quite helpful in your task as it contains guides and tips focusing on where to begin from and so on. It will also provide with some external resources in the near future.

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Whether you are a new application developer or an experienced one, the ReactJS is one of the best frameworks to choose when you are planning to create the app using a single page. It is known for its speed and user-friendly nature, helping to design responsive apps. Today when the competition in the app market has risen, ReactJS will assist you in meeting the new challenges forward. Lastly, you cannot ignore the benefits as well.

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