Top Trending Mobile App Categories That You Should Know

Nowadays, with the availability of advanced mobile platforms such as iOS and Android, which offers mobile app developers a plenty of opportunities to develop innovative and feature-rich mobile apps helpful for users to accomplish their difficult task with ease and quickly.

At the present time, from banking to business, education to entertainment, health care to travel, there are numbers of mobile app categories helps users to choose their desirable app on the play store or an app store. Here we would like to discuss about the best trending mobile app categories.

Both Android and iOS persistently enhance the capability of their development platforms that enables mobile app development companies to develop highly advanced apps in an efficient manner.

It has given benefits to many businesses in streamlining their work processes and makes it productive and faster. Most of the businesses have started adopting the new trend for taking advantage of technology using the mobile app.

There are several mobile app categories on both the app store and play store such as Games, Business, Education, Social Media, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Utilities, Travel, Health & Fitness, Personalization, Food, Music and many more.

Gaming App

Based on one survey, amongst all the categories, game is the most popular and profitable mobile app category. Gaming apps comprises highest 23% of shares as well as it also has the highest app engagement. Games like Clash of Clans and War- Fire Age have generated profit over 1.2 million US$ per day.

Based on the app revenue models gaming apps generate revenue such as in-game item purchase, paid apps with and without in-app purchases as well as free apps. Pokemon Go, Crashland, The Geometry Wars, and many other popular games made possible this app category to hold the first position.

Business App

Understanding the long-term lucrative benefits of mobile apps, almost all types of business sectors started rushing to develop mobile apps that simplify their complex work processes.

Thus, business apps become the second-most popular app category with a share of 9.88%. Enterprise apps, Cloud based app, hybrid apps, security apps, small business apps and many more mobile applications offer businesses a new horizon to explore their growth.

Social Media App

Social Media apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, Twitter and many more have held a good position in the play store. The similarity in look of app design and website design has made possible for Facebook to allure more visitors to download its app.

Now, most of the smart phone users prefer to use social media apps instead of using websites in their PC or Laptop. The other reason for using social media app is users can stay connected with their social contacts anytime at anywhere. Based on one survey, Facebook reports over 1,870 million active users, it holds 18% market share in the social media category.

Music App

In the list of top trending mobile app categories, music apps are also becoming in one of the top categories. Music apps such as YouTube, Google play music, Apple music, Amazon Music, Vevo, and Pendora are the best apps for listening music.

In many music apps such as YouTube, it facilitates users to listen music or watch video online as well as offline. This online streaming app becomes one of the most popularly used app proffers unmatched features to create playlist, like, share music with friends and many more. It is easily available on both the iOS and Android play store.

Messaging App

Communication apps or messaging apps are also amongst top trending mobile app categories. Messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Telegram are some popular apps.

The reason for the popularity of the app such as Whatsapp is its free availability as well as other advanced features including voice call, video, chatting and many more helps users to communicate and connect easily, efficiently and quickly.

Moreover, most of the popular apps proffer regular updates in their apps with most advanced features that habitat user to utilize the app regularly.

Shopping App

Shopping apps such as Amazon, FlipKart, Snapdeal, Aliexpress (Alibaba), Jabong, and many more has enabled to increase the trend of mobile apps for shopping. It makes the users easy to shop their desirable item at their location just by downloading an app in their smart phone.

With advanced search criteria based on different categories, prize, age group and many more, as well as special discount and the festival offers attracts users to make their shopping fast and trouble-free using shopping mobile apps.

Moreover, other on-demand app such as Uber, Mobile payment app such as Paytm, Google Wallet, GPS and navigation apps such as Google Maps and Here, are also becoming popularly used by the smart phone users.

Other major mobile app categories which are also in top trending are Education with 8.47%, Lifestyle with 8.36%, Entertainment 6.12%, Utilities 4.88%, Travel 3.93% and many others.


Today, mobile apps have explored its reached in all sectors from business to entertainment, education to tourism and many more. The change in the trend of mobile app categories is due to the advancement in developing high-end mobile apps and its value-added features helpful to simplify the day-to-day activities of users with many more benefits.

Developing a high-end mobile app for businesses become a latest trend nowadays, for all types of industries, no matter size or type of industry. Knowing the trend of popular app categories is helpful in understanding requirements of mobile app users.

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Mehul Rajput

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