Reason Why Most Developers are Preferring Vue.js for Developing Web Applications

The Application Building has gained much impetus as the professional developers are readily involved into it. The tools and trends related to application development keeping changing and so the developers will have to keep pace with the advancement in technology.

Today, we are going to talk about Vue.js, which is the latest discovery in the arena of software technologies extensively used for the development of web applications.

Beyond any doubt the JavaScript is one of the most popular frameworks being employed by the developers today. It also offers a plethora of choices and Vue.js is certainly one of these.

Vue.js is also getting much attention from developers and this figure is increasing with each passing day.

If we talk about some stats, then according to The State of JavaScript 2017 survey, 48% developers have shown their keen interest in learning this JavaScript framework and 20% have already mastered it.

In fact, 90% of the developers have said that they would be using this framework again in the future projects. These figures thus clearly indicate the popularity that Vue.js has obtained.

One of the other phenomenal achievements for Vue.js in 2017 was that it has attained the first rank amongst the prevalent JavaScript projects by adding 40k stats on GitHub.

Top Reasons Why Developers Choose Vue.js for Web Development

We can now throw some light on why the developers should opt for Vue.js.

Known for its Flexibility

One of the major advantages that Vue framework offers is that it is known to be flexible. This makes it a preferred choice to use Vue.js for developing cross-platform applications. It provides you an access to a wide range of various environments.

The developer can feel free to work across any other JavaScript framework or PHP without any hassle. You can also use it for any other project and develop additional components for the application.

It proves to be a good asset for the Progressive Web Applications. You must be aware that adequate support and assistance is available for PWA to ensure stability and eliminate the restrictions for apps and websites.

What’s interesting to note is that the component-based blow of Vue offers that extra scope to add additional features if you require to add in the application.

Good Detailed Documentation

It also offers the advantage of detailed documentation, which makes it simpler for the developers to write and execute the first application.

You only need to have a basic knowledge of the HTML or JavaScript for developing a web page or app. This is because of the fact that the documentation features are comprehensive enough.

Addresses the Drawbacks of AngularJS and ReactJS

Evan the creator of Vue.js introduced this popular JavaScript framework while working on the Angular JS project during his employment at Google.

He created Vue.js with the objective of addressing the drawbacks of the two most popular JavaScript frameworks- AngularJS and ReactJS.

Thus, he developed a lightweight solution through the extraction of AngularJS parts without adding any other concept. He desired to combine the best features of both the frameworks and that’s how he landed up with the new Vue.js.

Now which features were extracted from AngularJS? You took the easier templates having good syntax, which was easy to implement in the projects.

And as far as React JS is concerned, Vue.js took the component-based approach, single way data flow for component hierarchy, virtual rendering ability, high performance, props, and the role played by state management of apps in web application etc.

Vue is known for its Simplicity

One of the best features of Vue.js that has literally drawn the attention of the developers is its simplicity. As said before this JavaScript framework is an easy mountain to scale as it only requires the basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript.

You are just required to do simple coding, which helps in better management and maintenance of the cross-platform applications.

Moreover, it also allows you to develop the apps at a faster pace and the developer also takes less considerable time to fix the bugs if any.

Vue.js is same as the original JavaScript code and language but the developer cannot use it for HTML not like other JavaScript library frameworks. It also offers the advantage of providing the various developer profiles and it’s easy to begin with.

The Advantage of Having Command-line Interface (CLI)

The developers are also much thankful to the Vue.js development team for offering a unique advantage of Vue Command-line Interface CLI.

It is a system created and supported by the Vue team that helps to reduce the time of the developers while working on the initial project setup and scaffolding.

The Vue-CLI is enabled with a project generator that helps to start up new projects with ease and also release scaffolding for the development process.

The latest third version of the Vue-CLI is more advanced offering further benefits. As such the developer can generate the project according to the project demands.

This allows you to develop scaffolding within shortest possible time. The developers can also add extra features if the project demands. They are needed to only install the required features.

Vue.js Helps in Reducing the Releasing Time

Well, at times the developer is required to make several changes in the project and also rework on the application if the situation demands. This literally ends in eating a lot of valuable time and you might not even get the exact result as expected.

However, Vue.js can solve that problem with the help of an adaptable ecosystem that accelerates the speed of development and also a better scope of releasing the completed project into the market to get the all important user feedback.

This will offer you an opportunity to work on further improvements that are needed to make the application better.

The Vue.js also helps in quicker development of the Minimum Viable Product or MVP for your application. This is all possible due to the easy setup of the cross-channel, which allows beginning coding.

The interesting part is involvement of the users who can send their comments and feedback to solve the problem appropriately.

Offering the Optimal Performance

The fact that the size of Vue.js is smaller and lightweight, you can be sure of getting the optimal performance. The size of this popular JavaScript framework is around 20KB and as such the Vue 2.0 is even better.

It has been considered as one of the fastest frameworks. The rendering layer is written from a lightweight Virtual DOM implementation forked with snabbdom.

Support of Large Community Base

For any framework to succeed in the long run; it must have the support of a strong community base and Vue.js is blessed to have that benefit from the beginning.

It has a very active and large community base that is continuously evolving. So, it has a bright future from that prospect.

The Support of Tools and Ecosystem

It also helps in finding solutions to common problems. Because of the presence of well managed ecosystem, the vue.js developers can find solution to a particular issue and also choose only the required building blocks. This allows them to save a lot of their time.

Vue.js is well supported by different tools such as Vuex, Vue Router, Vue Test Utils, and Vue CLI etc. with a well defined ecosystem. This enhances the speed of development.


Vue.js has become one of the most popularly used JavaScript frameworks that make the job of the developers much easier to create cross-platform web applications.

The framework combines the best features of Angular and ReactJS and so it can be said to be mature but very simple to use.

Moreover, it enjoys the support of a strong and active community. The Vue-CLI helps to reduce the time while working on the initial project and generating scaffolding.

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