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Angular Vs React: Which One is Best for Your Business?

When it comes to selecting an appropriate JavaScript framework for the development of an exceptional web application, the developers have precisely got...

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angularjs vs reactjs

When it comes to selecting an appropriate JavaScript framework for the development of an exceptional web application, the developers have precisely got many options available.

They include AngularJS, ReactJS, etc. However, it rather becomes a tricky decision for the developers as each of these frameworks have their pros and cons.

Therefore, before finally choosing any one of them to proceed with your project, it would be highly recommended that you compare the trio and see which one fits your requirements to the best.

Surely, it is going to be an exciting competition when all the three major JavaScript frameworks come under the same roof.

The experts do believe that this comparison must be made on different criteria that include the size and budget of the project, the features to be included in the web application, expertise of the team members, interoperability and so on.

Let’s first have a look at AngularJS.

What’s New in Angular?

Well, AngularJS made its inception in the year 2009, i.e. a decade ago and one must give credit to tech giant Google for introducing it.

It is an open source client-side web framework to help the Angular developers in resorting issues related to single page web developed that was viewed multiple times.

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It also helps in extending the HTML vocabularies by supporting the libraries. It receives support of large community base.

The Angular is still going high and after the release of Angular 5 in November 2017, the developers can look forward to choosing it.

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The Benefits of AngularJS

  • First, the developers will find it easier to develop a customized Document Model Object (DOM).
  • You get the support of angular libraries, which helps in creating strong template solutions.
  • It has the advantage of in-built injection subsystem dependency.
  • If you have to conduct a unit test in AngularJS, you first have to inject the mock data into the controller and then view the result along with its behavior. You can develop each of the single pages separately and combine with the components to see the outcome.
  • It offers single routing and eye-catching User Interface with data binding.
  • It provides an extension to HTML syntax and you can build reusable components by directives.
  • You have to essentially synchronize the data between the model view and component.
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What Are the Drawbacks?

Although AngularJS is popular amongst the web developers, it has some disadvantages that you should know:

  • Though the developers can easily develop a customized Document Model Object (DOM), they may face problems related to performance of DOM elements.
  • AngularJS is difficult pill to swallow and so learning the ropes can be tricky.
  • The developers find it hard to integrate the third party.
  • It offers limited resources to routing.
  • The debugging may prove difficult at times.
  • It can be slow with the pages due to the embedding of pages interactive elements.

The three areas where AngularJS hogs the limelight is providing an amazing User Interface, being flexible due to the use of directives and filters and making it more functional and the last is testing, which is done by injecting the mock data into the controller.

What’s New in ReactJS?

The ReactJS has been developed by Social Media king Facebook and it’s been only five years since it made its emergence in March 2013.

It is an open source dynamic JavaScript library that helps in creating amazing user interfaces.


In addition, it also helps to build single page application and mobile apps as well. The aim behind introducing ReactJS was to provide better and fast speed, make the development of applications easier and more scalable.

ReactJS is commonly used with other libraries like Redux. However, when it is working with the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture, it has to depend on V.

Let’s Get With the Pros

  • You can reuse the codes in React.js and it also offers simple debugging process.
  • The components can be imported easily and its architecture is based on the components completely.
  • Support of a React native library that offers high and efficient performance.
  • It provides superb user interface and you can easily get knowledge on API.
  • The updates are much faster with both the front-end and server-side support.
  • JavaScript extension syntax or JSX offers the HTML quoting to render sub components.
  • ReactJS allows developers to develop universal or isomorphic web applications with server-side rendering.
  • It supports both iOS and Android platforms without any hassle.
  • ReactJS is view oriented.

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Discussing the Cons

  • The JavaScript extension syntax or JSX is not preferred by every web developer because of its complexity and stiff learning process.
  • It is not a framework but rather a library.
  • The new tools and documents keep on releasing, which makes it difficult for the developers to know what the codes are.
  • The architectures keep changing.
  • When you are incorporating ReactJS into MVC, you would probably need some configurations.

The major plus points of ReactJS is that it offers much more improved and better SEO services. You can operate it on the server to allow the virtual DOM to return as a common web page.

ReactJS allows you to build your own components, which can be reused or combined with the core content.

React.js also develops its own virtual DOM, which is the residing place of the components. It also monitors the updates related to DOM and DOM tree to offer optimal performance. It improves the efficiency of the DOM.


So, what we can conclude from the above wide discussion is that all these two front-end JavaScript frameworks are readily available and popularly used by the web developers worldwide.

It only depends on what the project requirement is that you have to choose the right framework and maximize its benefits.

Angular is comprehensive framework whereas React cannot be considered a framework but a library. React.js needs less coding and if you compare it with AngularJS on the basis of performance, then obviously React.js proves to be better.

However, Angular wins in getting the support of large community. So, if you are searching for highly efficient JavaScript framework developers, contact us any time without any doubt.

FAQs About Angular Vs React

Which is better Angular or React?

AngularJS and ReactJS both are powerful and flexible. ReactJS needs less coding and if you compare it with AngularJS on the basis of performance, then obviously ReactJS proves to be better.

Which is faster ReactJS or AngularJS?

Undoubtedly, ReactJS is faster than AngularJS. The main aim of introducing ReactJS was to provide better and fast speed development.

When to use AngularJS or ReactJS?

AngularJS and ReactJS both have pros and cons. ReactJS is the perfect choice when you need a single-page application with multiple components and AngularJS your way to go for the single component application.

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