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Why You Should Invest in Taxi App Development if You Are Into Taxi Business

If you are probably searching for a profitable startup, then you can certainly look forward to commencing a taxi business. Now, the obvious question is, why start a taxi business and compete with stalwarts like Uber and Ola.

Yes, it’s true that Ola and Uber have succeeded incredibly but you must know that the mobile applications have played an indomitable role in their success stories. So, you can draw inspiration from that and take your first stride in this direction.

Another figure that will keep you proactive is the fact that according to one of the surveys, it has been found that 80% of the commuters prefer Ola and Uber in comparison to booking regular taxis plying on the roads.

Let’s move on to some more encouraging numbers and stats out there. According to Forbes, Uber has completed about 2 billion rides, generating revenue of about $20 billion in this process.

Moreover, the number of taxi booking apps has also increased and so have the number of passengers. Therefore, if you get the right app on the board and frame a perfect business strategy, there is no reason why you won’t succeed like Ola or Uber.

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In addition, as more people are getting connected to Smartphones, they are getting aware about the convenience and comfort offered by taxi booking apps. The users know that they can call and book a cab through an app even in very odd hours (such as late midnight), when it really tough to find a single conveyance on the roads.

1. Tracking the Location of the Taxi in Real-Time

Real-time tracking has indeed been identified as one of the biggest plus points of the cab booking apps. The driver is aware of the exact location from where he has to pick up the passenger. The same thing can be said about the passenger as well and he knows exactly after how many minutes the cab is going to arrive.

tracking taxi

But how would this feature benefit your business? You are also able to track down the location of the driver. You can keep an eye on the route he is availing to reach the customer and then to drive him to his destination.

If you think that he is taking unnecessary more time in reaching the user, you can send the said instructions. This way you can try to offer better services. Both Ola and Uber have got various complaints about driver not coming to pick-up or cancelling the ride.

2. Opportunity to Get Higher Visibility

We have already seen how the taxi booking apps like Uber have outclassed the traditional taxi services. Now with customers more interesting in booking cabs through mobile apps, there’s every possibility that you might get higher visibility and get connected to more users.

However, you can win the favors of the customers through your optimal services; so, don’t compromise on that front. In fact, the tourists travelling to various destinations rely more on the cab booking apps in comparison to the local taxi operators.

3. Gathering Valuable Data of the Passengers

The advantage of putting your money into a taxi app development is that it helps you a lot in gathering the valuable details and data of your customers. When the users download your app and sign in through their email ids and mobile numbers, you can collect and store this data.

Additionally, when they book a ride you can monitor important details such as how often they are calling for the cab, time and distance travelled during a ride on an average etc. All these details will help you to send personalized notification to the customer and also provide him attractive discounts, coupons and offers on certain rides.

4. Building a Brand for Your Business

You already know that companies like Uber, Ola or Lyft have established their own reputation and goodwill in the market today and thus, becoming a brand name. Having a taxi app for your business will allow the entrepreneur to follow the same footsteps and slowly they can come on the same platform. Moreover, there is a very stern competition out there, which you cannot ignore. You have to compete with your competitors willingly or unwillingly.

You can build your brand awareness through your creditability, trust and unmatched services. Furthermore, you can get your app customized according to the needs and demands of the customers such as adding new features and making the app more attractive as well as user-friendly.

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5. Getting the Feedback from the Customer

You simply cannot rule out the fact that the brand identity of your business largely depends on the feedback and customer response. This is a must have feature for the taxi app. Even if you are offering a venerable service, you need to get the views of the customers in the form of ratings and reviews. And do take it very seriously.

The traditional taxi booking companies offers no such facility, where a customer can share his experience and rate the app. If you find that the feedback is not good and rating is declining, you can take appropriate measures after getting familiar with the root cause of the problem.

6. Checking the Efficiency of the Driver

The taxi app development helps in checking the efficiency of the driver and also managing and enhancing his productivity. This again will depend hugely on the feedback of the customer. However, this again remains absent in conventional type taxi bookings.

So, if a customer did not have a good experience or he is dissatisfied with the ride, there is no scope of readdressing the issue. But when you have a taxi dispatch app, you can monitor the performance of your driver along with his efficiency.

In case, a driver is not going to pick up the passenger, you can order him to do so within the quickest possible time.

7. Business Grows Smartly in Auto-Pilot Mode

The taxi business has been hectic activity for the business owners if going by the old rules of the school. In the traditional way, the operators had to look for customers, negotiate the price for hiring the cab, show the condition of vehicle for inspection, call for the drivers and request him to go with the trip etc.

However, with the introduction of taxi apps, this business has drastically changed and gone into the auto pilot mode. Now the customer book the cab, get details of car and driver, get payment details in advance, complete the trip and pay for it; as easy as that.

The booking is also hassle-free with just a couple of taps. So, you don’t have to invest your time in managing all these aspects.


The mobile applications have come as a flourishing tool for the taxi and cab booking industry. The business owners are not wasting their time in understanding that it has become more of a necessity to their business if they want to make more profits.

However, when you are entering into the taxi business, it is important to understand the market trends and the needs of the target customers. The apps are certainly offering a number of advantages, which you cannot find in traditional business methods.

So, if you have already made your mind to update your taxi business and get an app, then get in touch with us for all your specific requirements.

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