Geolocation Apps for Business

How the Geolocation Apps for Business will Boost Your Profitability

The mobile applications play a decisive role in thriving the sales of any business organization. Having said that most entrepreneurs have already begun showing their keen interest in building mobile apps.

We have seen the surge in the number of retail-based apps where because of the huge customer demand. According to a study, about 54% of the shoppers download mobile apps due to better experience than mobile web.

However, what about the location based mobile applications? You cannot deny the fact that a number of businesses are directly dependent on the geolocation facility.

According to the Pew Research Center, people belonging to nearly all age groups are using the location based apps for various purposes. While 74% of adults use these apps to get directions; 12% are willing to share their locations with the friends.

Precisely if you are the owner of a restaurant or offering cab booking services like Uber, the geolocation apps will then become the backbone of your business.

In addition to that, the geolocation apps have also an essential feature of the eCommerce apps, allowing the customers to track their products.

In fact, we have already discussed the benefits of having geo-location facility in the mobile app. But today we would mainly emphasize on how geolocation applications can prove a worthy asset for your business.

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Since we talked about the marketing, so, let’s see how location based apps are helpful for business in planning their marketing strategy.

Getting More Customers on the Board

The geolocation app is the best mode of conveyance to reach out your potential customers at the right spot of time. It can offer you the pleasure of real-time marketing which means reaching people when they are demanding your products and services.

It will also help you target the users when they are highly interested and keen on your offers and discounts.

Converting Impulses into Sales

The geolocation apps can help in getting the exact location of the customer. The iBeacon technology coupled with geolocation is proving to be a big blessing for the retail industry. You can send them notifications of the offers and discounts once they enter into the area.

geofencing offer

Even the customers can navigate through the geolocation apps to reach your store easily.

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The Benefit of Greater Visibility and Brand Awareness

If you are able to boost engagement and the catered content is moving in the right direction, then there is every change of creating a brand awareness and increasing your business visibility.

The more engagement of customers will certainly augment your sales, which in turn will boost the profitability.

An opportunity to Establish Better Connection

The geolocation apps are also helping the business to establish a better connection with the customers and an opportunity to know them more. You are not only bringing new users but also getting useful data about the existing ones.

You can share catered content with the people of a specific area, making the audiences feel that are not connected with your business. You can get an insight of what the customers are thinking through user reviews.

For instance, if a particular product has more check-ins than other, you can get an idea of how the two products are trending in the market.

Tracking Facility Beneficial to Business as Well

We all are familiar that location based apps offer the tracking facility to the users so that they can track their products or the cab if they have booked one. But how it is beneficial for the business?

order tracking

First, if you are able to deliver the product or say the food on time, you can set up a goodwill for your business. You can monitor the location of product and when it is getting delivered to the customer.

In case the delivery person is stuck in a problem, you can suggest him some other route to reach the destination. Therefore, its good way to upkeep your services and win the influence of the consumers.

Rewarding the Loyal Customers

The geolocation makes you aware about check-ins and so once you identify who your loyal customers are; it’s time to reward them.

As it is very difficult to keep the existing users interested, so, you have to employ this technique. You need to give them attractive discounts and free coupons so that they come back to your app again.

Trying out some Unique Tricks

You won’t believe it; but the fact is geolocation apps can provide a chance to try out some unique tricks in your trade. Now, the question is how?

For instance, let’s say your restaurant remains usually quiet after the lunch hours. What you can do is offer small rebate on light refreshments or snacks that will certainly draw customers.

You can send the notification to the people passing by your restaurant. This is a good marketing strategy that you can implement with the help of geolocation apps.

Collecting Data about Customers

The geolocation apps will give you an opportunity to collect important data such as how many customers checked in for a particular area and precisely how many have availed the facilities of offers and discounts.

This is a parameter to determine whether your marketing strategy is moving in the right direction or not.


The geolocation applications are rather proving to be necessity for the business. Here, one is not focusing just on the online business or the eCommerce industry but the retail business as well.

One of the biggest plus points of having a location based app is that you get into a reach of more customers and market your products and services more appropriately.

Therefore, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the professional mobile app development company and get your geolocation app for boosting the profit of your business.

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