Mobile App Development Client Questionnaire: Every Detail You Want to Know


Any business organization searching for an appropriate platform to expand its resources and client base will agree that mobile application development cannot be excluded from their strategic list.

In fact, such is the influence of mobile apps that according to a UK based English Daily, ‘The Guardian’ the apps are more prominently demanded in comparison to websites.

Therefore, the number of clients or firms getting in touch with the app development companies have increased.

However, whether you are getting an app developed for the first time or have got it built in the past, you need to provide every single detail about your mobile app requisite and have thorough discussion with the app developers.

It may be that you don’t have adequate knowledge of mobile apps; but still you provide some valuable inputs regarding your project and budget estimate.

It is utmost important for the app development company to gather some information before proceeding with the task.

So, when a client is scheduling an appointment with the expert developer, he needs to answer a series of questions for the project to end on a highly successful note.

General Info About the Client’s Organization

First things, it is crucial to understand your client before getting familiar with his specific project.

1. Please Give a Brief Info About Your Company

The app developer needs to know an outlined info about the client’s organization. What are the products and services it offer to the customers?

2. Contact Details and Medium of Communication

In addition, you also need to know what the main point of contact would be and how you can contact the client i.e. either through email, phone, Whatsapp or Skype.

3. Who Will Be Your Target Audience?

Although the developer can get an idea of who the target audience would be based on the products and services of the company, but still better get this reply from the client to know what his strategy is.

4. Who are Your Main Competitors and do They Have an App

You need to be familiar with the major competitors of your client and also be aware of the fact if they have a mobile app. This will help in framing the right strategy.

5. How Did You Reach Us

Well, you may think that it is not a very necessary question, but actually it is. Based on the answer of the client you will get to analyze the market response of your app development company.

You will get an idea whether people are searching for the company on search engines or you are getting more attention because of other sources of advertisement.

The Main Course of Discussion – the App Development Process

Once you get acquainted with the general information about client, the questionnaire should shift towards the main course of discussion, where you will be asking about the purpose of app development, the choice of platform and so on.

mobile app development

6. Do You Want Mobile App or Web Application?

It is imperative to ask the client in the beginning whether he desires to develop a mobile app or he is looking for a web based application.

7. Why do You Want to Develop an App?

It is pivotal to know what essence the customer has about the mobile app. Of course, most of them will reply that they want to build an app to reach more audience but is there any particular purpose for which they are looking forward to an app development company.

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8. Have You Hired an App Developer Before?

Do get an insight whether the client is hiring the app development company for the first time or he has already availed the services before.

If he has hired before, do ask the experience and if he is satisfied with the performance of the app. You also need to know if he wants some change in the existing app.

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9. Whether you want an iOS or an Android App

Now this is very important – the choice of the platform. You have to ask the client whether he wants to launch the app on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store or both.

Depending on the choice of the platform the cost of development will also differ. You also need to tell him the terms and conditions related to releasing of the app.

10. What Would be the Development Approach?

Here you have to take into consideration whether the client prefers a native app or a hybrid app.

Apart from that there are other approaches too including cross platform, web based using the fixed layout or the responsive layout.

11. What Necessary Features Would You Like to Include?

This is one area where you need to spend some ample time as it requires a keen discussion on what features needs to be implemented.

Of course, the app developer would suggest the vital features from his perspective but it is the client who has to take the final call. This would involve:

  • The implementation of languages in the app. Whether it will be bilingual or multilingual
  • Whether you want to incorporate geo-location services.
  • What is it you are implementing for payment like PayPal, Braintree, and Apple Pay etc.?
  • Do you want your app to get connected to Internet of Things (IoT)?
  • Adding the Push Notification Feature
  • Any other extra feature that you like to include

12. What is the Budget Estimate?

Most of the clients have a budget estimate for the concerned project and it needs to be discussed during the initial stages of interaction.

You need to inform him whether the budget suggested is sufficient enough to develop the app or he would have to invest more based on his requirements.

In short, you have to negotiate the deal with the client. You can also offer some discounts if you are willing to.

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13. Will it be a Free App or Chargeable During Download

You know that not most apps are available for free of cost and especially if the iOS based applications.

So, you have to clarify the fact whether the client intends to provide it absolutely free to the end users or he would be charging some amount during the downloading.

The Questionnaire on App Design

Both User Interface and User Experience are the two most indispensable elements related with the app designing and so after you have finalized on the app platform and budget factor, this area of app designing becomes crucial.

ui ux design description

14. What is the Name of the App?

The client has to suggest a suitable name of the app based on product and service it offers.

15. The Content of the App

What is it that you want to include in the app content? Of course, it has to be precise and the size of the font should be appropriately designed. It is through content that users come to know what your app is all about.

16. The Icon of the App

A website has a logo; similarly an app has an icon that keeps attracting the people. It needs to be enquired as how the client would like his app icon to be. In case he has an icon please ask its version such as .psd or .ai etc.

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17. The Display of Images and Video

How you would like the images to be shown to your users and how many images do you want to add into the app. The same thing goes for the video as well.

18. Choice of the Color Scheme

The next factor in the designing process is choosing the color scheme of your app. The choice of the colors should always be made in accordance with the app icon. The UX designer will assist the client in this aspect.

19. What other Apps Appeal You

You have to know from the client if there is any other application that keeps him interested and he is inspired by it.

20. How do you want to display your app?

The selection has to be made between the landscape and the portrait size for displaying the app. The client can also choose both.

The Questions Associated With Security Factor

You cannot think of mobile app development without providing it a security layer or covering.

Obviously, don’t want the hackers and unauthorized tools to access and leak your private data.

app security

21. How Would You Want Your App to be Protected?

Well as far as the app security is concerned, there are a number of steps that can be ensured by the app developer. It also depends on what tools and software does he provide for data security, which again depends on the budget estimate of the client.

To take you through the journey, you can get for the authentication procedure and also opt for the password encryption. Other than that you can ask to protect your sensitive data with the help of SSL using certificates.

Another technique is encrypting the entire user data via cloud based database. Implementation of security protocols and verification process through SMS or Emails is a good idea.

Technical Based Questions

Basically the technical based questions or discussions focus on server related issues and building the login page.

22. Is There Any Need to Build Login Page

Not all apps have login apps, but if one requires it necessarily, then you have to ask how the client wants it. (Important details to fill in).

23. Which Cloud Based Service He Would Prefer

The client has to make a choice regarding the selection of the cloud service provider like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

24. The choice of App Distribution Model

Here to there are a few options such as Public or Private Distribution or the Enterprise Distribution.

In addition to the essential points, there are also some other aspects that you have to take into account such as the decision on implementation of server backend, the development of app in single or multiple stages, creation of APIs to connect to the cloud database, the incorporation of R&D in some of the features, storing of the data and so on.

Lastly – Setting the Project Deadline

25. When do You Want the Project to be Completed?

The app developer has to ask the client the deadline for the project even if the client does not set any.

The developer is familiar as to how many does would be required to build the particular app and based on that he can give an estimate of the time frame.

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The Final Words

When a client and an experienced app developer sit on the two sides of a table, they go through a meticulous discussion covering all the vital aspects that are related to the app development.

The key areas of focus remain on app development technique, design process, the cost of app development, the budget estimate, the technical issues, the security aspects of the app.

If you have any question related to app development please feel free to get in touch with our expert app developers and get your project done within minimal cost.

Written by Beantsingh Duggal

AVP Sales working at MindInventory, with overall experience of 13+ years, Beant Singh Duggal is evaluating business opportunities and potential markets by analyzing financial feasibility studies and conducting market research. He oversees the efforts to support and assist the organization in identifying and securing new Business opportunities, facilitating efforts to develop, implement and refine standard procedures for researching, collecting, and tracking information about clients including client’s coordinates, pipelines, and previous outsourcing experiences.