How MindInventory Helped KFC Enhance the Food Ordering Experience

KFC Indonesia

The Brief

  • Our customer is KFC (Indonesia), part of one of the largest fast-food chains in the world, and they were looking to improve the customer experience for their online customers. They were looking to completely overhaul the mobile application to improve the customer experience and also improve the performance of the application. Alongside this, they also needed a robust admin panel at the backend to better manage order delivery.
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The Challenge

  • The customer wanted to improve the in-app shopping experience by migrating to a new technology and also wanted to add many exciting features (such as improvement in order placement by adding takeaway and dine-in) and other application improvements. Alongside this, they also needed a robust admin panel that would aid order delivery in real-time.
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The Solution

  • MindInventory helped them with the process of creating an Android and iOS app with a simple and easy-to-use user onboarding and ordering management system for the customer and the restaurant.

Ordering System Module (Customer Side)

We Implemented complete order management including features such as dine-in, takeaway, and delivery setup features for the customer KFCKU mobile app to improve customer convenience. For easy payment, we integrated multiple payment options and payment gateway allowing users to pay for orders online.

Live Order Tracking

As part of enhancing the customer experience, we also implemented real-time push notifications to keep customers informed about their order status from order placement to delivery completion, along with the latest app offers. We also implemented offer codes in the app to make users apply those to get discounts on total billing price or avail add-on offers.

Kitchen Management Module

MindInventory also helped the backend order management system which helped them to streamline the ordering system by aggregating various orders received from different platforms. The module gave the restaurant several insights into how the orders were being received and from which platforms it was coming. This allowed them to keep a tab on their footfalls and orders received from various channels among other anaytics.


We spent time understanding the needs and behaviors of the users that will interact with the system. This helps in designing an interface that meets their requirements. Made the system intuitive by organizing functions logically. Used clear labels and menus to guide users through various tasks. Created a visually appealing interface that aligns with the brand but also maintains clarity. Consistent color schemes, typography, and iconography enhance user experience.

The Impact

  • This implementation resulted in a significant improvement in the user experience and also helped the restaurant to streamline food delivery across various platforms. The restaurant saw a significant increase in sales and ratings across the app stores improved. They were also able to measure how many orders they received from different platforms. Overall, the restaurant was able to better serve its customers and increase customer satisfaction.

Increase In Sales




More Efficiency In Production

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