Why Create a News App to Kickstart Your Online Magazine?

At this digital age, people are captivated by smartphones or other mobile devices. They want all necessitous info to be found at their fingertips.

Here comes the arrival of the online magazines that are a popular and credible source of entertainment meeting users’ requirements.

Regardless of the different domains of the ventures, every organization that maintains its online presence has included a mobile app to improve its businesses. And this brings the development of news apps that intensifies the prospects of online magazines.

If you have a live and running online magazine and you want a lot of users to read it, you must require a news app to draw more traffic and last in the present competitive market.

According to Statista, 52.2% of all site traffic globally was produced through smartphones in 2018. And undoubtedly the percentage has increased in the last year as well.

Hence, it is evident that mobile optimization is required to boost client experience for an online publisher.


Today, almost every newspaper company has a mobile app to retain its current users and draw new users also. These news apps are utilized for improving companies with virtual ads.

In terms of magazines, they have also included a seamless and amazing reading experience for readers and followers using mobile apps.

Why News App Development is a Significant Investment for Your Business?

Here are top reasons why you should seriously consider investing in a news app for your online magazine business:

1. Revenue production by a new channel

A digital magazine boasts different methods to generate revenue through paid subscriptions, paid articles, and ads. The follower and reader base is straight equivalent to the revenue.

Nevertheless, in terms of news apps in this smartphone era, you should assess the scenario regarding apps’ conversion into a new source of profit. News app users reach out to such applications to involve in a captivating and good content associated with their choices.

You must note that readers are not attracted by banner ads and they try to avoid them completely. Hence, you may avoid such pop-up ads because users just concentrate on the news content instead of ads.

News apps offer a great reading experience and simultaneously display the ads helpfully so they don’t annoy users and distract them from the focus on the content they are reading, yet showing the ads simultaneously.

2. People’s preference for mobile apps over websites

Since almost 85% of consumers like mobile apps more than mobile browsers for online shopping, the same reason goes for news apps and online magazines as well.

As per a survey done by Compuware, users choose mobile applications because they are quicker, more feasible and simpler to browse and provide a better user experience also. So the same conveniences they can receive from a news app.

3. Better UI

A news app features a great UI that is quite interesting, attractive, and easy to use. Such kind of interface allows users to make their search options more organized, highlight some segments, and save the content to read in the future.

You can integrate more appealing features into a news app. The app displays not just published content articles but also some relevant audio, video, and image data to retain users.

You can modify the news content according to your requirements. The app should be built in such a way that the most recent news can always be displayed on the main page by highlighting them.

If your news app has a good UI and rich content, it will certainly offer users an amazing reading experience.

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4. Carefully tailored for individual readers

Several tools permit marketers to customize ads for site visitors. Nevertheless, such an option is not available for organizing news content on maximum news websites. A news app permits you to gather information regarding the users’ behavior and interests and improve it to organize content depending on the individual’s requirements.

If you follow some big publishers, you can see that their news apps are just a mobile-friendly version of their sites. So get an app that performs differently and beat your competitors.

Apart from using the app’s machine learning technology, you can also use users’ feedback to personalize your news app’s content. Users will love to share their feedback on their newsfeed.

5. Push notifications

Based on the choice of the users, an online or physical magazine is accessed. Nevertheless, in case an online magazine is accessible as a news app, you can enable push notifications for alerting users about any vital or current news.

Users can also enable or disable this feature. These features can only be integrated with a news app to improve the reader base.

6. Better user experience

Sometimes news sites overload users with lots of content pieces, such as ads, videos, images, pop-ups, stories, etc. And this may often annoy website visitors. On the other hand, a news app, by its nature, makes you savvier with a small navigation space you have.

This helps you concentrate on user experience by separating an overloaded newsfeed and categorizing news into seamless feeds and chunks of stories and headlines.

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7. Easy navigation

Associated with magazines, the primary target is to offer the readers some exciting and fresh news that are related to readers’ preferences. Many groups are formed in the news app and the reader can choose any one of them.

A hub is made to let readers view articles of every categorization. Using news apps, the associated articles can be highlighted and focused at news content’s bottom and further, live videos and breaking news can also be spotlighted so the app users can avail them easily.

8. Sustains engagement

An engaged and promising visitor opens your app many times a day and returns frequently.

News apps provide ample chances to sustain engagement by empowering and supporting users to choose and save their favorites, rate news stories, avail unique stories, play different games, submit their content, and earn rewards and loyalty points.

9. Associating with social media

Let’s accept the fact that magazine readers are trustworthy end-users. But, to reach the remaining world and increase the user base, social media is the best place where you can promote and market your news app.

App branding on a social platform can produce a good volume of users. Moreover, news apps can allow users to share and highlight some specific news on social hubs.

As a consequence, the users get captivated by the magazine, which augments the number of users and increases the sales of the online magazine.

10. Provide diverse content

Like social media, a news app also offers diverse video and audio content. This app can showcase political debates, short documentaries, business analysis, etc. A digital fashion magazine can showcase fashion week commentaries and makeup tutorials.

Due to the integration of virtual reality, people can get immersed in the story, rather than just reading the news in an app. VR helps viewers encounter events like sports championships, conflicts, and protests nearly like they were there.

11. People can enjoy the news anytime and anywhere

People need to wait for an active internet connection to read an article on social media.

However, you can provide an offline mode in your news app and allow users to download content for later. With this offline reading option, people can enjoy the news anytime and anywhere.

12. You can reply to reader complaints and requests

Many news firms usually appoint a person for responding to users’ complaints and comments. Not every news business hires an employee due to budget restrictions.

A news app works like a help center that assists all users. In a dedicated app screen, users can get info regarding the agency, FAQs, and the company’s paid services also.

Moreover, they can get a form that can be filled to report issues, leave complaints, and send feedback.

Bottom Lines

So, this is evident that developing a news app helps you stand out among all competitors. The aforesaid aspects let a news app promote an online magazine and as a result, the app reaches out and attracts many people from all across the world.

Finally, creating a news app is no more an obstacle due to the latest technologies that are used in both Android and iOS platforms.

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FAQs About News App Development

How much does it cost to develop a news app?

It is not straightforward to answer the exact cost to create a news app because it depends on several aspects like features you need in your app, technology stack, development platform, country of a developer, etc.

What is the future of the news app?

We are living in a digital world and people need everything right on their smartphone. People need real-time news and updates immediately so the news app has a very bright future. A news app that provides a dynamic experience will get a huge success.

How does the news app make money?

There are many ways a news app can make money like advertising, paid subscription, event promotion, and many more.

How to hire a developer for a news app?

You can hire a developer for your news app from many sources like Google, Upwork, LinkedIn, Toptal, Clutch, etc. But, the most successful way is to hire a developer from a reputed company like Mindinventory. We have a team of experienced developers to help you with your project.

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