Service Industries that will Get Immensely Benefited from Developing On-Demand Apps

In this technologically advanced world the highly sophisticated gadgets are shaping the lives.

The advent of the mobile apps has been a big booster for the people as they can get every single information on their Smartphone or the tablet. And truly this has been evidently possible because of the On-demand apps that has become very popular.

The success stories of the Uber, Airbnb and many others have enabled young entrepreneurs to take the same route. These applications have found considerable spaces in the large number of smartphones.

In fact, you also cannot ignore the fact that the on-demand apps are playing a vital role in setting the trends of the mobile applications every year.

Furthermore, the on-demands have been a great supporting tool for the nurturing and flourishing of the startups. Most on-demand app companies are successful startups.

It can be related to any industry such as beauty and healthcare, car rentals and services, bakery and online food delivery, home decor and flower selling, etc. In fact, this list will continue to increase further as the time progresses.

Top Service Industries that Get Benefited By On-Demand Apps

The service sector has grown up to become more competitive. It is because people don’t have to rush to the nearest clinic or hospital for getting the appointment of a doctor or visit a bakery shop for buying cakes and other items.

All these services can be availed at the tip of the fingers within a matter of few seconds.

So, let’s analyze a few important sectors that need the help and support of the on-demand apps for thriving in the steep competition.

1. The Car Rental Service

Not everyone can afford to have personal vehicles for transportation and conveyances. Therefore, it has given birth to the taxi and car rental service industry that has excelled with the passage of time.

car rental app

This industry has been broadly categorized into different categories such as on-demand cabs, cabs booked on rent basis, bigger vehicles such as trucks and Lorries for carrying goods, hiring of private buses, hiring personal chauffeurs and so on.

If you want, you can opt for designing on-demand cab apps such as Uber or Ola that has got a tremendous response from the audiences.

In addition, if you are providing vehicles on rental basis, then the app will help the users to choose a perfect car according to their convenience. Many people also demand for car drivers for their own personal vehicle.

People will contact the chauffeurs through your app and get the optimum services for the same.

2. The Movers and Packers Services

Those days have passed by when people had huge troubles in shifting the houses and other accommodation from one place to another.

The packing of the various household items commenced many days in advance and one had to take the pains of visiting the local transport company for booking the trucks.

But the evolution of the movers and packer services, things have eased a lot and shifting from place to another is more a nightmarish.

The users just have to get in touch with the movers and packers company via the on-demand app and avail the services after filling in the details such as place of pickup, the destination shifting, number of items to be shifted, type of truck required etc.

The professionals of the company will arrive at the place and do the packing on their own. You only need to guide them. They will evaluate the total value of the estimated goods and transport the items within quick time.

3. Warehousing and Logistic Management

You may also need the assistance of the on-demand apps if you are providing the warehousing facility to the people for storing of different materials and goods.

The big industries and manufacturing hubs have their own warehouses to store the inventories but what about small organizations.

It is through your useful app that you can offer important information to your customers regarding the availability of storage space and capacity.

You can also hire the services of a manager to manage the logistics. Thus on-demand apps will be a necessary asset.

4. Child and Baby Care Center

Today in this modern day era most children have both working parents and in such a scenario it becomes difficult for them to look after their tiny tots because they both are bread earners.

So, especially in the metropolitan cities many people have converted their homes into baby care centers. The parents leave their child in the morning during their way to office and pick up when they return home.

As time as passed these centers have become popular as more couples have started working in the office. So, in case you are too offering the same services, then getting an app will prove advantages to get more customers on the board.

5. Car and Bike Repairing Service

The numbers of conveyances plying on the roads have multiplied by several times. So, the demand for capable and efficient car and bike mechanics increased.

If you want to add more fuel into the tank to expand your services to wider range of audiences, then contacting an app development company becomes crucial as it will help you in getting a seamless app according to your needs. They can find your garage more easily with the help of app.

6. Travel Agency and Ticketing Services

The business of the travel and tourism industry has grown steadfastly as the numbers of tourists traveling to various destinations keep on multiplying.

Having said that if you are also related to the same industry then the on-demand travel based apps will be your best friend taking your business to another strata.


The tourists usually hire the services of travel agency for booking accommodation in hotels and also for ticketing services. You can book the tickets for the flight or the railway for the concerned destination.

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7. Interior Designing and Home Decor

Interior designing and home furnishing services has gained the impetus in the recent times. People who purchase new homes, offices or any other property usually hire the interior and the exterior designers to embellish their space with beautiful accessories and home decorative items.

If you have a particular on-demand app, then you can offer the services in a better way highlighting the detailed information.

8. Tutorial and Coaching Services

Nowadays coaching institutes and tutorial classes have established their web in every nook and corner of the city or town.

The students whether they study in a school or college look for a coaching institute where they can get help from expert subject teachers and get the guidelines.

Coaching is not restricted to academic studies but can also offer cooking classes, self-defense techniques, and yoga classes, teach how to play various musical instruments, dancing, music, singing and painting.

Apart from that there are different coaching institutes for learning different sports activities such as cricket, football, swimming, boxing, gymnasium etc. Therefore, the on-demand app will get you more students and also hype your institute.

9. On-Demand Food Delivery Services

The eCommerce apps has given great facility to the shoppers to shop at any place and at any time.

Similarly, the on-demand food delivery services has also allowed customers to order their favorite cuisine from their chosen restaurant where the food item will rightly be delivered at the doorstep.

food delivery app

One can take the example of UberEATS or Food Panda that has become renowned names in this arena.

Moreover, it has been predicted that the revenue of the on-demand food delivery apps will go higher and according to a survey it will reach up to 11% by 2022.

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10. Online Bakery and Flower Decoration

As people order their lunch or dinner online with the help of app, the same process can be followed in the case of ordering online cakes and flowers for birthday parties and other events.

The reason is individuals have got no time to personally go to a bakery shop and then select or order customized cakes and bouquets.

Today even the major cake manufacturing companies have their mobile apps and so you also shouldn’t left behind in the competition.

11. Offering the Online Grocery Items

Grocery items are major necessity that usually people need on day to day basis. This has led to the thriving of the online grocery stores where all the essential items such as pulses, cereals, edible oil, tea etc. are readily available under a single roof.

So, having a grocery mobile app and reaching out to far more customers will ascend your profit.

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12. Household Chore Services

If you have started a new service where you are helping people to carry out their daily tasks smoothly, then the on-demand app will put you in the driver’s seat.

These day to day jobs may include laundry service, online electrician, plumbing services, gardening and carpentry.

These jobs may look simple but the fact remains that people usually find difficulty in getting across these people. So, offering all the services at one place will be a huge benefit for your business.

13. Pest Control Services

Pests are one of the uninvited guests that create a lot of trouble by damaging the important and valuable items.

Thus, their timely control is imperative and if you are one of those who is offering the same service, then the on-demand apps will get your business on the right track.

14. Event Management and Wedding Planner

Today the demand of proficient event managers and wedding planners have increased because people today hire professionals to organize any event whether it is a marriage ceremony or a corporate party.

The entire responsibility hosting and organizing everything from choosing the venue, arranging the decorators, electricians, furniture, building the stage, lighting and sound; plus the catering, guest coordination lies on the shoulders of these people.

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As people are searching for a more comfort zone as far as the service industry is concerned, the future will see some of the more sectors making their way into this ever growing gigantic circumference.

The rise in the service industry will also witness steady growth of the on-demand services.

Moreover, the numbers of smartphone and other advanced gadgets will boom and it is time to get into the grove and get an on-demand app that is related to your services.

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