How We Helped Synthesia Create Dynamic Video Background


The Brief

  • Synthesia is the #1 AI Video Generation Platform. The platform empowers users to create video content without cameras, microphones, or studios. Using AI, they have radically changed the process of video content creation, making it scalable and affordable while maintaining high quality. UI/UX is a very important aspect of this platform and MindInventory helped them create dynamic and engaging video content.
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The Challenge

  • The unique challenge posed to us was creating engaging user interfaces that were unique to the multiple avatars, topics, styles, and moods of the content. The designers had to create animated background that was not only appealing but also had to use colors according to the language, culture, and their significance. Create an aesthetically pleasing backdrop to ensure that the focus stays on the important elements of the video.
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The Solution

  • MindInventory responded by creating the backdrop, which also included the creation of virtual backgrounds for different kinds of content.

Conceptualization & Planning

Understand the purpose of each video and the narrative that needs to be conveyed and define the UI accordingly. We created the concepts and planned the implementation based on the type of content.

Color Scheme and Textures

We considered the color palette and textures that suit the video's tone and message. A cohesive color scheme enhanced the look and feel and helped in successfully communicating the message effectively to the audience.

Props and Decor Elements

Props and decor add depth and context to the background. We added elements that complement the narrative without distracting the user, yet adding to the visual appeal.

Fine Tuning

After the implementation, we also supported the customer with fine-tuning the overall video backdrop with color correction, adding special effects, and compositing elements where required.

The Impact

  • Due to the quality of the platform and the backdrop implementation, the customer was able to gain over 50000 customers across the globe including some of the best companies in the world. Some of their customers went on to achieve 70% time and effort savings in video creation.



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