How We Assisted Codedog in Automating Text-to-Speech and Vice Versa Conversions

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The Brief

  • CodeDog is an open-source project that effectively automates text-to-speech and speech-to-text conversion. It provides a brief user guide and helps build optimal web and app solutions with multi-versioning into different programming languages for several native platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux).
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The Challenge

  • Codedog is a programming language that can convert codes into C++, Java, and Swift. Along with it, it can run the codes in Microsoft, Linux, and MacOS. Our client wanted to convert the codes into C language and run them in MacOS. Our team faced the main challenge of finding a suitable C library to convert the code and run it on MacOS.
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The Solution

  • To overcome these challenges and ensure a seamless conversion, MindInventory team implemented the following solutions:

Research & Development

The MindInventory team began the work with extensive research. They looked for required technologies, libraries, features, and technical specifications. Based on the research findings, the team analyzed important aspects and formulated strategies while prioritizing usability, accessibility, and scalability.

C Language Library Finding

In C language, there are several libraries available for implementing text-to-speech and speech-to-text functionality in your applications. Our developers outlined the most useful ones and tested libraries to find the perfect fit. They selected PocketSphinx, which is used to recognize continuous speech in various languages and dialects. It supports both isolated word recognition and large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR).

PocketSphinx Library Implementation

Our team implemented the PocketSphinx Library using the pocket manager on Linux distributions. They initialized the desired configuration and continued the rest process. They adjusted the configuration parameters and file paths according to your specific setup and language model.

Platform Dependency

To run the Codedog in MacOs, we installed software and dependency in Linux and Windows, implemented software, and used plugins to run the setup in MacOs.

The Impact

  • Through meticulous planning, diligent development, and community engagement, Codedog has emerged as a versatile and reliable platform for text-to-speech and speech-to-text conversions, making communication more accessible and efficient for individuals across diverse backgrounds and use cases.
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