Social App Development for a Platform for Artists Worldwide


The Brief

  • The customer was looking to build a mobile application where artists worldwide can meet each other, collaborate, and sell their art pieces. After having a terrible experience with another app development company, the customer was skeptical about trusting another app development partner. MindInventory understood their concerns and not only delivered a world-class application but also ensured that the client was informed daily regarding the progress, minimizing the lack of trust and doubt.
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The Challenge

  • The application was first developed by another partner. However, the client faced various problems such as a lack of communication, messy code, and poor architecture, among other issues. They were looking for a partner who would help them rebuild the application from scratch with a design that would be clean and crisp. MindInventory also had to understand the lack of trust they had due to their experience and had to ensure that they won the trust of the customer.
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The Solution

  • MindInventory delivered a comprehensive and sleek application on Android and iOS using Flutter.

Application Development

We used Flutter to build the application by using the same code base for Android and iOS. The application is similar to that of popular social media platforms but opens up a lot of possibilities from connecting to people, collaborating with other artists, and earning money through selling their art. During the first phase, we fixed many of the code issues that were the result of the previous development work of the earlier partner. We also improved the Firestore database schema and queries for faster performance.

Overcoming Challenges

Since the client had a bad previous experience with another development partner, MindInventory made it a point to make their experience better with us and trust would be established. We sent daily updates along with screengrabs and detailing how much progress we had made and what we were going to do during the next day. This helped the customer to be at ease and share his feedback easily creating an atmosphere of trust.

UI/UX Design

We implemented the complete design from scratch from login, user onboarding, capturing their interests, displaying feed according to their interests, publishing different kinds of posts (pictures/videos/audio), reactions, and other social media features. We also made different social media integrations to share on other platforms and invite users to uCollabit.

Rigorous Testing

The application went through a rigorous cycle of performance testing, usability testing, regression testing, security testing along installation testing to ensure that the application would not face any issues or challenges once it goes live.

The Impact

  • We were able to meet the expectations of the visionaries of uCollabit despite their bad experience with the previous development partner. The application was released to a small group of people who received it well and appreciated how well it was made and how it did not pose any hurdle in operating the application.
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