How MindInventory Helped Detalytics App To Elevate the Lifestyles of Many!


The Brief

  • Detalytics 42 is a user-friendly app designed for everyone to monitor and enhance their overall health through a range of features that track daily activities. While many apps focus on specific metrics like sleep, physical activity, and heart rate, Detalytics 42 goes beyond by introducing the Lifestyle Impact Score (LIS). This score is a comprehensive analytics metric that reflects your functional state, considering a diverse range of factors such as everyday activities, available medical data, and environmental influences. In essence, Detalytics 42 provides a holistic approach to health monitoring, offering users valuable insights beyond what typical wearable apps can provide.
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The Challenge

  • Ultimately, the UI/UX challenges revolved around creating a visually appealing, user-friendly interface that effectively communicates intricate analytics, and maintains accessibility, enabling a smooth user experience. The challenge extended to organizing diverse information streams, such as daily behaviors into a cohesive and user-friendly interface without distracting or bothering the user. Another challenge was striking the right contrast and ensuring that important information was readable against dark backgrounds required meticulous attention to detail.
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The Solution

  • To address the challenges, our team full of experts came up with innovative solutions to ensure a seamless and engaging user experience. By adopting a minimalistic design philosophy, we ensured that the app's interface remained uncluttered, prioritizing essential information for better user understanding. In response to the challenge of integrating diverse information streams, such as daily behaviors we implemented a modular design approach. Each category of information was presented in a distinct module, ensuring clarity and preventing information overload. Like; in the body analytics there are overall data on LIS, fatigue, ready energy and then sleep rate, activity, and heart rate. After analyzing the activities of the user, the app rates the overall body, mind, and overall health.

Contrast Optimization for Dark Color Pallete

To solve readability challenges related to the usage of dark hues, our design team systematically improved contrast ratios and created subtle variations in color tones. This guaranteed that text and critical UI elements remained visible against dark backgrounds, improving readability and overall accessibility.

Seamless UX

We focused on building a familiar yet unique interface to solve the challenge of including Detalytics 42 in users' existing tracking routines. The design included recognizable designs and iconography present in health-tracking apps, which reduced the learning curve for customers switching to Detalytics 42.

Easy Onboarding

The onboarding process was made super easy. We implemented a short tutorial/guide during the first few screens to give guided instructions for user onboarding. After the user is onboarded the user will need to add their personal information like height, weight, country, and so on. This personalized approach guarantees that users get custom information to the app's features.

Real-Time Feedbacks

Our team combined real-time feedback and guiding features to meet the challenge of displaying a Lifestyle Impact Score (LIS) that is systematic and clear. This entailed deliberately inserting contextual prompts and notifications within the app to provide instant insights regarding user behavior and its influence on the LIS.

The Impact

  • The overall impact of the app was supremely good. Due to the to-the-point UI and UX of the app, the customer was able to achieve a user retention of over 60%. The introduction of interactive data visualization techniques has resulted in a 45% increase in user interactions with the Lifestyle Impact Score (LIS) graphs and charts. The app's transformation into a rewarding and enjoyable experience has not only retained users but has also encouraged consistent interaction, ultimately contributing to improved overall well-being. Doctors, teachers, corporate leaders, pilots, and people from different professions are using this app daily to keep a check on their health

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