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The Brief

  • This e-learning and Edu-Fintech project focuses on guiding students and professionals in their learning and career paths, from skill assessment, online courses, and career paths to financial aid. The brand operates with the goal of making the world more productive and results-driven by fueling the professional growth of every individual. They approached MindInventory for their innovative product development from scratch and to get a powerful solution.
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The Challenge

  • As the project concept was unique, they sought experts' advice who have delivered many projects for the education and fintech industries, and for their criteria, MindInventory came out as the ideal candidate.
  • Initially, the team envisioned a groundbreaking web app development project, aiming to surpass platforms like Coursera and Udemy. They wanted us to build a feature-rich application with robust comparison capabilities, comprehensive course overviews, personalized recommendations, integrated loan applications, and more while ensuring to fit them in an intuitively designed interface.
  • In addition to that, the team had a strategic vision for the platform to serve as a catalyst for their business model related to loan subscriptions.

The Solution

  • Understanding the strategic significance of the project, we recognized the need for a holistic approach. Our solution involved not only meeting the immediate requirements but also aligning the platform with the client's long-term vision.
  • In response to the ambitious goals set by the client, our team committed to developing a groundbreaking web app that would surpass industry giants like Coursera and Udemy. Our goals were clear: provide creative yet elegant UI/UX design for this platform concept, align an expert team of developers to carefully build this while ensuring robustness, and overall focus on delivering a rich user experience.
  • With all these considerations and continuous communication and collaboration, we were able to deliver a solution that exceeded the client’s expectations because of the implementation of the below-mentioned features:

Elegant Product Design

Designing a product focusing on multiple areas, like skill assessment, e-learning, career path guidance, and education loan application, was a difficult task. But challenges motivate us to think out-of-the-box. With that spirit, we aligned our analytical product designers with this project, who blew our and client's minds with the simplistic yet elegant design solution.

Skill Assessment

To provide career path advice, they do need users' proven skill data. To make this a part of the revenue model, we created a test segment, allowing users to do 1st skill assessment for free and pay fees for the follow-up assessment to get better-personalized career path recommendations, including courses to opt for step by step.

Course Recommendation Engine

Based on the skill assessment data and user behavior data, our data scientists and AI/ML experts also created modules to provide users with personalized recommendations for the courses to apply for and career paths to follow with financial assessment.

Course Categorization & Comparison

After the personalization setup, we also created categories, such as Top Picks for you, Trending Courses, New Courses, Course at No-cost EMI, and Top Course Provider, with a motive to ease users' confusion in selecting the course meeting their skill and financial criteria.

Loan Application & Eligibility Criteria Checking System

As our client aimed to get more leads for loan applications, we helped them create a simplified loan application page with categories like personal information, financial details fetching ID, and more to propose to users the best-fit loan plan meeting their financial score.

Payment Gateway Integration & Setup

For users to easily buy online courses and convert their finances into easy EMI options, the client has asked to apply all possible finance aid-related conditions to provide users the conveniences they need to pursue their dream careers.

The Impact

  • The collaborative efforts between the client and MindInventory resulted in an impactful and innovative e-learning and Edu-Fintech solution that not only met but exceeded the client's expectations, leaving a lasting positive effect on the professional journeys of countless individuals.

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