Fitness Tracking App: A Cross-platform Application for Coaches to Manage Their Clients


The Brief

  • Ignite is an all-in-one solution for online gym owners, trainers, and athletes. It gives you all of the tools you need to brilliantly automate and manage your client’s entire experience within one outstanding system. Ignite offers a myriad of fitness offerings that help you to pick whatever suits your needs.
Track Your Daily Activity

The Challenge

  • Striking the right balance between meeting the user's needs and meeting the business goals. The app had different categories of users. One of the biggest challenges was to ensure that the user experience was the same for various user categories at the same time ensuring that the app was not cluttered.
  • It was also important to enable seamless operations on multiple operating systems such as iOS, Android, and Windows. The developers had to make sure that all the users across platforms got a uniform experience.

The Solution

App Customization

MindInventory created a highly customized design for the application with features and functionalities for each user category by providing them with a tailor-made user journey based on their purpose. So, every user category can use the application for their specific purpose.

Cross Platform Functionality

Our team used Flutter to develop the cross-platform application piece. Based on the instructions, we followed their branding guidelines and ensured that every aspect of the application was compliant with the guidelines provided by the customer.

Gamification & Online Community

We also added an online community feature to allow clients and coaches to communicate via the app and pass on relevant information to the user. The application has a gamification feature and helps you to keep track of your progress with a scorecard. The app can also be white-labeled and used by other fitness experts as their own.


We created automated email sequences and product links to boost upsells. The in-app payments & billings, alerts & notifications, and in-app financial metrics help the owners to track their revenue.

The Impact

  • The automated email and product linking significantly increased the sales for the owners. The in-app payments and billings, notifications, and in-app financial metrics make the life of the owner easy by saving time using multiple systems.