How MindInventory Helped Talque Contribute To World's Leading Events Like March du film in Cannes and Nato summit?

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The Brief

  • Talque is an international event management platform that guides organizers, exhibitors, and visitors through the entire event cycle, be it digital, on-site, or hybrid. From data gathering to marketing to event booking, Talque provides a tailored solution for all aspects of the event. To enhance their digital presence, the client sought our assistance in bringing a fresh and creative perspective to the website redesign.
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The Challenge

  • Redesigning the website with advanced content management capabilities, intuitive UI UX layout, implementing NextJS framework, and integrating 'Strapi' headless CMS solutions. Ensuring consistent content delivery across various channels and devices.
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The Solution

  • For website redesign, we followed a strategic methodology to build a more logical and user-friendly navigation structure using NextJS and integrated Strapi as the headless CMS solution while leveraging its open-source nature and content management capabilities.

User Interface Design

We restructured the website's information architecture with NextJS using a responsive design approach. Our experts reinforced brand consistency through updated color schemes, typography, and imagery. They incorporated intuitive form designs, added interactive elements, and simplified the event registration process, reducing efforts for event organizers and attendees.

User Experience Improvement

Our designers analyzed user behavior to identify user personas and tailor the website structure to specific user needs. They organized event planning tools and resources, aligning them with user workflows and utilized responsive design principles, like flexible grids and media queries, creating a consistent experience.

Multilingual Support Feature

We used the Internationalization (i18n) design process to enable the CMS system to adapt to different languages and cultural preferences. The feature allows the admin to create multiple content versions in various languages as per the requirements.

Headless CMS 'Strapi' Integration

We installed and configured the headless CMS 'Strapi' and created custom content types and structures to accommodate diverse event information, including details, venues, schedules, speakers, and sponsors.

The Impact

  • Talque's redesigned website turned out to be a transformative initiative and aligned the platform with contemporary design standards, solidifying the company's digital presence in the competitive landscape. The responsive design approach streamlined operations and contributed to a significant increase in web accessibility and user engagement.

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increase in user engagement

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