How We Transformed Recruitment Experiences Through Intuitive UI/UX Design?

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The Brief

  • Outsized, a leading recruitment platform, connected with us to revolutionize the hiring process for companies and individuals. They worked as a mediator for recruiters and job seekers and connected both parties to help them achieve their objectives. The client sought our support for UI design, flow creation, and user experience enhancement.
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The Challenge

  • The client wanted us to improve the user experience for recruiters and job seekers, streamline the navigation, enhance mobile responsiveness for on-the-go accessibility and design a visually appealing user interface.
  • Moreover, the existing Outsized portal faced usability issues due to cluttered data. Key challenges included complex navigation, data alignment and segregation, page design, flow creation, etc.
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The Solution

  • Our design team conducted in-depth market research and analyzed competitor portals to understand pain points and preferences and identify industry best practices. We understood the portal's information architecture to create a logical and user-friendly structure.

User Interface Design

We developed wireframes outlining the basic structure and functionality of key pages and created interactive prototypes to simulate the user journey. We established a modern and cohesive visual identity, designed a clean, structured, and intuitive user design, and ensured consistency across all elements, including color schemes, typography, and imagery.

User Experience Enhancement

Our team restructured the Outsized portal’s information architecture to simplify navigation and introduced a personalized dashboard for job seekers, providing tailored job recommendations based on skills and preferences. They added advanced search and filtering options, Integrated a real-time messaging system, implemented menu and search functionalities for quick access to relevant sections.

Page Creation

We separated the data and created a user-centric page using tools like Figma and Miro Board for a quick yet efficacious talent hunt. We integrated an intuitive dashboard displaying active job listings, candidate profiles, and communication channels. Our team established a seamless flow between the job seekers and recruiters' pages and introduced a simplified application process, allowing job seekers to express interest with a single click.

Web App Design

To make the portal more accessible, we designed the Outsized web application that ensured optimal user experiences across various devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. It met the functional requirements of both user groups and fostered positive interactions.

The Impact

  • The redesigned Outsized portal received positive feedback from both recruiters and candidates, resulting in increased user satisfaction. Our solutions streamlined navigation, and intuitive features led to a more efficient recruitment process, saving time and effort for all parties. The mobile-responsive design improved accessibility, allowing users to engage with the platform seamlessly from various devices.
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