Reason Why Mobile Apps are Important for the Media and Entertainment Industry

Content is the King. You must have come across this popular phrase, which is copiously applicable in the digital marketing arena. And precisely this is the key driving force that is steering the billion-dollar media and the entertainment industry.

The circumference of the media and entertainment sector has transcended and it has crossed the geographical boundaries to become digitalized and available online. Whether you want to watch your favorite film or sports channel, you can do so with just a few taps on your smart devices.

The mobile apps have considerably transformed the way people view content. They are no more confined to their bedroom or living room lounging on the sofa to perceive the preferred channels. Every entertainment niche and news is available online.

Top Reasons to Develop Mobile App for Media and Entertainment Industry

Analyzing some of the pivotal reasons why the media and entertainment apps are crucial to get on the board.

The Revenue of the Entertainment Apps is Escalating

Now, let’s view at some of the important statistics related to the media and entertainment industry. According to Statista, YouTube app consumes the most monthly average data in the United States, which is about 3464 MB followed by Netflix, which stands at 2889.5 MB.

According to one of the reliable report, the revenue spending in the entertainment apps has seen a triple-digit consumer growth over the past couple of years. China is leading the way forward in downloading the entertainment apps, followed by India and Brazil.

Entertainment Mobile App Forecast

Furthermore, the prediction of App Annie says that revenue will escalate to about $6 billion by the year 2020. The facts and figures indicated in the stats above clearly suggest that the media and entertainment industry has a vivid future ahead and it’s time you should look forward to building the app.

Enhances the Opportunity of Brand Visibility

The lives of people have become hectic and mostly they are following the same monotonous routine. However, with the emergence and evolution of the entertainment apps, they have something to cheer for.

So, there is every single opportunity to cash and increase your brand visibility if deliver high-quality content with incredible services. You can rope in more customers and also get some loyal users as well. However, considering the fact that a wide spectrum of such apps is already accessible on various Play and App Store, gear up to face the stiff competition.

Fostering More User Engagement

We talked about how media and entertainment apps are playing a decisive role in enhancing the brand visibility. And it’s true that these apps have the highest engagement. It has also been seen that mobile apps have a much faster conversion rate than the mobile optimized website which exceeds from 100 percent to 300 percent.

user engagement

The entertainment apps can also keep the users busy even during the odd hours and people consume 50% data usage during their spare time. The fresh content will add icing on the cake and increasing these numbers more.

Different types of content niche gain the user spotlight at different hours in a day. For instance, people are more inclined towards watching the news channels in the morning, while the sports related apps are more popular amongst users who use the push notifications. Similarly, the music and film based apps have high user engagement.

Can Eliminate the Use of Pirated Content

Every year the media and the entertainment industry worldwide have to incur huge losses due to pirated or duplicate video contents. However, the entertainment apps have come at the right time as a great rescuer helping to reduce and eliminate this problem by offering the same content at a very reasonable price.

Generally people become more inclined towards the duplicated videos because they are easily accessible and mostly available free of cost.

Now that the entertainment apps have arrived, it offers the opportunity to download unlimited videos and songs free or at a very minimal cost. The quality of the videos has also improved as they can be accessed in high definition with sheer originality.

The Power of Social Media for User Engagement

Social media is one of the most powerful medium today so as to reach wide number of targeted audiences. The social media has a number of platforms where you can promote your content on various levels. But remember that the content should be highly engaging and impeccable that your users can easily read and understand as well as share.

social media

Whether the video is funny, emotional or inspirational or informative it should have the power to connect with the audience. This leads to more and more downloads and enhance the brand visibility.

The Benefit of Push Notification

The media and entertainment apps have the benefit of push notifications which can prove to be a big marketing tool for the audience. You can send the bulk messages through push notifications about addition of new videos or offering discounts on premium ones.

Plus, you can also offer rewards to loyal customers to enhance app retention. It also provides an opportunity to know more about your customers. You can learn about the in-app behavior to user trends, which would be helpful in framing further strategies. The data insights can help you provide a more personalized experience.

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The Blend with Future Technology

The future of the media and entertainment apps seems to be illuminating. The apps is said to further combine with more futuristic technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things and other wearable devices to further augment the experience of the users.

The Importance of User Experience in Media and Entertainment Apps

It is well and good that you are paying a lot more attention on providing a rich and engaging content to entice the users to the app. However, you have to focus equally on the user experience if you want your app to land on a successful note.

The design of the app should be such that each and everything right from the icon design to navigation impresses the user in the first attempt. Make the app simple with easy to understand menu structure. The videos should be streaming in high quality with a good interface.

In addition, the login process of the app must be simple and the users should not face any difficulty in sign in into their account. Plus, if you have an in-built payment facility, you should offer an adequate security so that all confidential details related to card details. For instance, you can provide sound-proof experience to the user in a crowded place. These sorts of details will help in increasing the experience of the user.

Let’s Conclude

The media and entertainment apps have been one of the most downloadable and usable apps today as people don’t have much time to watch televisions much. They can provide all sorts of entertainment such as films, songs, TV shows, sports and games, news etc. It is a profit bearing industry that will help you to earn more with the right set of content. But make sure that the video quality is high and easily downloading.

If you are interested in developing an entertainment app and earn good profit then you are at the right destination. Contact us today!

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