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Top Mobile App Ideas for Your Travel and Tourism Businesses

The travel industry is one of the world’s fastest growing sectors. Whenever people plan a trip, a travel app is an unmatched option for them. While traveling, this app becomes a problem solver and a reliable companion.

Every successful business depends on a creative idea. New ideas, proper planning, and finesse result in a successful business. So, being a travel tech startup, if you want to grow your business with a travel application, you must look for fresh and new concepts.

I have made a list of innovative yet functional travel app ideas in this blog. Before delving into them, read the statistical facts about the travel and tourism industry.

Statistical Facts of the Travel and Tourism Industry

Here is some statistical information about the travel industry:

  • Europe experiences the maximum number of tourist visits, while the Asia-Pacific region experiences more than twice that of the second largest tourist region.
  • The travel industry is forecasted to reach 1.8 billion by 2030.
  • Almost 30% of customers can arrange their tours easily using smart travel apps.
  • 84% of travel operators are interested in investing in growing mobile travel apps. After all, the industry gets lots of benefits by providing such services.

Top Travel Mobile App Ideas to Consider in 2022

If you are planning to enter the travel industry, you need an appealing and innovative idea. Many famous travel apps repurpose their old concepts with some exclusive new additions. Below, I have suggested a few travel app ideas to help you develop your business:

1. Hotel Reservation App

A hotel booking app helps users find and reserve accommodation during trips. It gives access to hotel accommodations according to the places they plan to travel to. Using this app, users can search for accommodations like homestays, couch-surfing, or hotel rooms.

This app offers many choices; hence, users can choose a property according to their requirements. They can search for hotels from the app and use filters like pricing, facilities, and client reviews to select a place according to their choice. A hotel booking app works for both users and travel operators.

2. Flight Booking App

A flight booking application helps users discover flights to the places they want to visit. The app helps in discovering all upcoming flights to specific areas, flight fares, and seat availability.

Flight Booking App

Source: Flight Booking

Moreover, the app enables you to track flights on your phone map, by route, airport, or number. Also, users can search for conditions like present delays, weather, landing time, boarding, check-in, and takeoff.

3. App for Tour Guides

The tour guide app is another fantastic idea that provides travel guides for places all across the world. Tourists can find different eateries containing various cuisines and pricing categories.

Moreover, these types of city guide app comprise various local tourist attractions, transportation guides, and more. Customers can simply depend on these apps to explore and enjoy a place. Finding local and popular restaurants and lodges at a tourist attraction becomes easier with these apps.

4. App for Local Public Transportation

The availability of local public transportation is highly necessary when you travel to a new place. If you don’t know about a city and its transportation, a tourist-friendly app becomes a problem solver.

This app also provides information on bike rental, cab sharing, and inter-state or inter-city bus services, as well as different passes and train routes. Moreover, this app informs the users about different tourist destinations they must visit and the ones they have already visited.

We have created one such kind of ride sharing app called “Qaar” for one of our clients. Qaar Inc. is a transportation network company established in New York that provides services for requesting rides and locating drivers in the area. We successfully released Qaar’s new app and website within four months after starting the project.

Ride sharing app screens

5. Bus Ticket Booking App

Like with flight booking, you can go for the concept of bus ticket reservation also. Many people travel by bus, and to help them find the available buses immediately so they can reach their destinations ASAP, you can create a bus ticket booking app.

This app shows ticket availability, arrival and departure times of buses, and other helpful data. So, instead of visiting bus stations physically, people can now book their bus tickets through mobile apps within minutes. In short, it’s one of the best mobile app ideas for the travel industry.

6. Language Translation App for Travel

You can consider this travel app category while delving into the tourism sector. A travel app for language serves as a translator for various languages, which users cannot even speak. It allows users to translate between texts and languages.

Language Translation App

Source: Bingue App

Moreover, this app enables users to click images to change the text in various languages according to their needs. It works in both online and offline modes and allows users to translate into multiple languages.

7. Money Saving App

Many people cancel their trips because of a limited budget. Poor money management is a reason for facing such issues. An innovative travel app recommends an affordable itinerary.

This app recommends cost-effective accommodations, time-saving journeys, and various deals and discounts. Therefore, it’s easier for travel enthusiasts to make trip plans without worrying about their budget.

8. App for Finding Gas and Charging Stations

EV charging station finder app

Source: EV Charging App

Sometimes, it becomes tough to find gas and charging stations while traveling to your destination. A gas or EV charging station finder app can be a problem solver in this situation. If you download this app, you can discover the stations on your way. This app becomes more necessary when you are traveling with kids and family.

9. Payment Application

Payment apps are highly popular these days. A travel app that aids several payment gateways for easy transactions can be very useful for tourists. It’s a great travel app development concept to receive immediate client attraction.

You can add many features to this app, like ride booking, currency converter, travel card, etc. However, make sure to invest in security features to safeguard all data. Tourists can learn about the payment rules of every country while making transactions through these apps.

10. App for Locating Kid-Friendly Locations

You must be ready to take care of your kids’ comforters while traveling with them. A kid-friendly place finder application gives easy access to kid-friendly eateries, cafes, shops, entertainment hubs, amusement parks, etc. This app chooses places that are kid-friendly and helps you spend stress-free time.

11. App for Finding Deals

A travel experience is incomplete without shopping. For this reason, tourists usually search for deals, discounts, and offers. A deal finder application can address this requirement of travelers.

By downloading this app on your device, you will receive notifications and messages on attractive deals, discounts, special offers, new arrivals, and local shopping trends.

12. Travelers’ Social Media App

People like to ask questions, interact, and share useful data about their trips on travel forums. Moreover, they make travel posts regularly on social platforms. If you want to take this concept further, build a social media platform exclusively for travel enthusiasts.

Traveller's Community App

Source: Traveller’s Community App

A social media platform for travelers will help them connect with each other, share and discuss trip experiences, give details, share itineraries, reviews, and images, and ask questions. You may find the same types of travel apps already in the Play Store. Hence, try to concentrate on a specific travel niche.

13. Travel Insurance App

This app idea grabs many travelers’ attention. Travel insurance makes it easier for tourists to contact an insurance company and file a claim while traveling to another nation.

Furthermore, these apps provide real-time access to emergency medical support while traveling, hospital contacts, insurance buying services, etc.

Features Required for Travel App Development

Now that you have some unique and innovative travel app ideas to enter the tourism sector, consider adding the must-have features to your travel app. Here are a few features to include in your travel app:

1. Travel Itinerary Maker

This in-app feature enables you to make an all-inclusive tour plan by adding places to visit. The functionality allows the admin to add custom landmarks or primary tourist destinations for the users.

2. GPS Navigation and Mapping

While traveling to a new place, you need a map for directions. The GPS navigator and map allow users to find the fastest way to their destination.

3. Currency Rate Converter

This in-app functionality can convert the currency rate without any mistakes. So, whenever your users need to convert any currency, they can find the precise conversion rate. Furthermore, this feature can track earlier and present currency rate variations.

4. Event Calendar

An event calendar contains all the information and schedules for events, which gives tourists more ideas for traveling.

5. Weather Forecasting

Make sure to include real-time weather forecast functionality in your travel app. It will help tourists plan tours in places with various weather conditions. This in-app feature gives detailed insight on particular weather conditions, including rainfall, perspiration, and temperature of a particular place.

6. Multilingualism

People across the globe prefer traveling as their pastime. Although English is a global and official language, tourists prefer using their native languages. Hence, you should add this feature to your travel app to help travelers explore new nations, cultures, and areas they will visit.

What are the Benefits of Using Mobile Apps in Travel Industry?

Tourists use travel mobile applications to make their trips easier, from planning to reaching their destination. These apps are a necessary aid while traveling. However, what are the primary benefits of using travel mobile apps? Let’s have a look!

1. Hassle-free Hotel and Ticket Booking

Some travel mobile apps help you find hotels and give details like distance to your destination, pricing, and others. Moreover, there is the possibility of enjoying special discounts when booking a hotel or accommodation through a travel mobile app. These apps offer the best rates on hotels and tickets.

2. Cashless Traveling

Carrying lots of cash while traveling can be a hassle for travelers. Due to travel technology and apps, it has become easier to buy flight tickets, book hotels, or purchase food without carrying cash.

3. Round-the-Clock Availability

Travel apps are essential due to their features and functionality. They always give useful information to travelers both timely and conveniently. You can use these apps round-the-clock to get any details at any time, from anywhere.

4. Profitable Offers and Discounts

People love discounted deals while using a service frequently. Your app users will love to use the application if you offer them rewards, discounts, and other offers. Some travel apps provide a free stay at a hotel, discounted flight tickets, and other benefits.

5. Real View Images and Details of a Travel Destination

Customers want to explore a destination’s images while planning a trip to that place. It makes them more excited about their trip. So, it’s beneficial for travel companies to display the potential views of the destinations so the customers get a feel for them before visiting them.

6. Networking and Information Sharing

Due to travel apps, you can’t travel alone nowadays. You can connect to your loved ones through different social platforms and travel apps. These online portals will let you share your noteworthy moments with your family and friends on the trip easily and conveniently.

Final Note

Apart from the travel app ideas discussed above, there are many more concepts to research and explore. However, it’s challenging to select the right one to grab customer attention. Also, you need to follow the latest market and trends.

So, if you want to enter the travel industry and are planning to create an app for travel enthusiasts, contact a professional mobile app development company to do the needful.

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FAQs on Travel Mobile App

How much does it cost to develop a travel app?

The cost of developing a travel app is heavily influenced by a variety of factors such as the type of app, the complexity of the design, the functionalities, the preferred platforms, the country of designers and developers, and so on. Contact us with your requirements to get an approximate cost to develop a travel app.

What should a travel app include?

A good travel app should have features like a trip planner, transportation services, booking and reservations, navigation services, weather forecasting, currency converter, etc.

How do travel apps generate revenue?

There are multiple methods that can be used to generate revenue from a travel app, such as commission from bookings and reservations, premium listings, in-app purchases, sponsorships, etc.

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