Vital Features of On-Demand Home Rental App that Should be Included

Home Sweet Home! Well, no comfort, convenience or pleasure can ever match the standards of the luxury that a home offers to any individual. Every person cherishes to have a dream home but the skyrocketing prices of the property, compel them to look for a suitable apartment or home on rental basis. However, even finding a home for rent is a daunting task specifically if you are a first time visitor to the city or locality.

However, ever since the various types of on-demand apps have made their way out in the center, it has proved no less than a boon for the users. The on-demand house rental apps like Keyo, is one such optimal example of how the different tasks including finding a home has got simplified.

Today, people are shifting more towards the urban areas where they can easily find common ammonites such as market, easy availability of local transport, school, bank, including others. We are witnessing more of residential complexes and apartments of various sizes to suit the budget estimates.

Advantages of On-Demand House Rental Apps like Keyo – for Tenants

  • Helps finding a suitable home within your pocket with ease
  • Simplifies the paperwork formalities and other activities
  • The Tenants can pay their rent through the app
  • Offers perks such as credit card boosts and monthly giveaways

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Benefits of Home Rental Apps for the Landlords

  • The landlords can keep a vigil and control over their property
  • It helps them to find genuine tenants who are capable of paying the required rent for up to 40% less than a broker’s fee

So, beyond any doubt we can say that the on-demand house rental app is beneficial for both the parties i.e. the landlord and the tenant. Now let’s consider the important features that you need to integrate in the rental apps.

1. Automatic Payment of House Rent Online

The on-demand home rental app is facilitated with online rent auto pay allowing the tenants or users to pay their rent with great ease and securely.

Well, this is a feature of the rent app that lets users to connect their bank accounts with the ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments.

So, you don’t have to take the pains of remembering and sending the rent every month to the landlord. So, you can include this feature to give you app an edge over the others.

2. Requesting for the Home Maintenance through App

Well, this is also one of the significant features of the on-demand home rental app. using this all important attribute, the user or the tenant can request for small home maintenance services such as availing the services of an electrician, a plumber, carpenter, painter, laundry, and much more.

You don’t need to approach any other app for these tasks; you get everything under one roof. It saves a lot of time as well as money.

The tenants also don’t have to keep requesting the landlords or make continuous phone calls for getting the things repaired. This feature will certainly become the spotlight of your app and would impress the users for sure.

3. The Paper Work Gets Digitalized

The on-demand rental apps simplify the paper work along with other formalities. Often the paperwork is considered to be a complex task that is long as well as time consuming.

The tenants don’t like filling out long application forms and then finding the other important documents to be submitted with it. Instead, this task can be done with just a few taps on the screen such as checking the background of the tenant, his financial status, and rent agreement including the set of other crucial instructions.

All these are available in digitalized form, which is also free of cost. This feature is very essential to include from the tenant’s perspective as it saves their money.

4. Providing a Comprehensive Marketplace

The on-demand home rental app should provide comprehensive information on the marketplace related to different listed properties. The app should contain data of the categories so that the users can choose the desired property according to their needs and budget.

It should also contain one segment allowing tenants to make comparison between the rents of different apartments. In addition, the tenant and the landlord should have their separate profiles showing their interests and preferences.

5. No Presence of Broker or any Middlemen

With the emergence of highly sophisticated on-demand home rental apps, the age old tradition and concept of broker or the middlemen has faded out. Now, the users are able to choose their residential housing areas and apartments according to their choice and priorities.

So, brokers please excuse, you are no more required now. So, is the entire process of renting and agreement is conducted between two parties- the tenant and the landlord. There is no other third party.

6. Offering the Rewards and Attractive Offers

Well, this is supposed to be the backbone of any on-demand app, which also is a great marketing tool. Your ultimate aim is to allure the customers for whom you have to provide attractive discounts, rewards and other offers.

For instance, you can offer free membership of any local club or gym or better offer discounts on grocery items from a nearby store. This is one of the best promotional methods that you can employ and encourage more and more users to use the app for finding a good house for renting.

7. Providing Additional Information about the Locality

Well, this is an important feature of the house rent app. You can provide some additional information about the locality to the user such as nearest market for buying essential commodities, banks and ATMs, shortest way to reach nearest railway station or airport, modes of transport, schools, shopping malls, hospitals, important government offices, gym, etc.

This small but pivotal information will be useful for the person who is a newcomer in the city.


At a time when more people are moving into apartments and residential buildings, the vitality of on-demand rental apps have gained popularity. People who cannot find a good property or those getting harassed by the brokers, should look forward to using the app. You will not have to pay any extra charges because the middlemen have been excluded from the scene.

Moreover, you also get a wide spectrum of choices to choose from when you are searching for a good property. The payment of the rent is also made automatic and you also get the option of request for maintenance through app.

Are you looking for on demand app solutions for house rental? Contact our expert app developers today.

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