When is the Right Time to Hire a Dedicated App Developer for your Mobile App?


Mobile apps are becoming an integral part of every consumers’ life. The variety of different apps keep them connected with their friends, helps them order food, transfer money, play games, stay entertained, and even shop.

It is essential for businesses to identify these consumers patterns to come up with the right ideas for creating a successful app.

You are planning to develop and launch your app, isn’t it?

If you just rolled your eyes to the question above and are utterly confused about it, then you might not be up to date with all the latest developments in the market.

Mobile app ecosystem has marked its 10th anniversary this year in summer. It encapsulates billions of people who own smartphones and millions of professional app developers. The demand and supply between these two parties are driving this ecosystem.

Where does your business stand in this system when you haven’t even thought about introducing your app? In today’s competitive world, mobile internet usage has taken over at an alarming rate. The total number of app developers is expected to surpass 14 million by 2020.

So how do you decide if it is the right time to hire a dedicated app developer for your mobile app? With almost half of the global internet traffic coming from mobile phones, you cannot delay this further.

In short, ‘now’ is the right time to consider designing your own app to capture the chunk of the market that you have tapped yet.

However, developing a mobile app or hiring a dedicated developer requires proper planning and research, and if that’s the information you have been searching for, then this is the right place for you.

From all the reasons to convince you on developing an app, to highlighting factors you need to take into consideration before hiring a professional app developer, here you will read it all.

Why you Need a Mobile App for your Business Right Away?

Most successful brands and businesses have developed their apps to give a final push to their business goals.

Introducing your app elevates your marketing efforts instantly, boosts ROI, and enhances customers’ experience.

Here are the top reasons why your business needs a mobile app right away:

Boost sales and revenue

Isn’t that the ultimate goal of most profit-making businesses? According to statistics, the global revenue earned with just mobile apps crossed $37 billion by the end of 2017.

That clearly shows the power of mobile purchasing which your business needs right away. Benefit by utilizing advertisements and acquiring sponsorships within your app.

Consumers want to avoid the hassle of purchasing products separately when they can access the entire thing in the app.

Improved visibility

Another report from 2017 reveals how American consumers spend more than 5 hours every day navigating through apps on their mobile devices. The increase in this percentage on a yearly basis has been quite impressive.

Without an app, you are ignoring a vast market using electronic means to reach businesses. It shouldn’t be a surprise why Google Play and Apple’s App Store receive millions of hits every day.

If you are not accessible to your consumers, you are compromising on your visibility.

Improved engagement

One of the main reasons consumers turned to apps is because of its quick and efficient service. Accessing information or ordering the product is only a click away.

A mobile app makes this very convenient and quick. You can now enjoy better opportunities to connect and engage with your audience.

Improved marketing

The marketing sector of your business gains best benefits of launching a mobile app. It is the most effective way to display your product or announce the launch of new products and services to a huge market.

Without implementing tons of strategies, you can carry out effective marketing on this platform with more convenience.

A mobile app ensures your customers gain a simplified shopping experience while you enjoy effortless marketing.

Puts you on top of the list

Never underestimate your competition. Mobile apps and their success are becoming the talk of the town. They are particularly popular with corporations as well as new startups and small businesses.

In fact, according to a study published in 2016, it was revealed that more than 60% of companies already have an app or developing one. Doing so for your own business can put you ahead of the competition.

With an average user using their smartphone for more than 90 hours a month only for apps, it is one of the best opportunities to gain a new generation of customers.

Why you Need a Dedicated App Developer for your Business App?

So what are your options? Can you outsource this task or do you need to hire a professional (team) to design and develop a successful mobile app for you? Here’s what you need to know about your hiring options:

  • Hire an app developer you can find locally
  • Find a developer partner for your business
  • Outsource

You may already have an excellent app idea to get started with, or you may need someone to guide you from scratch. To pick the right hiring option, it is imperative that you understand your business requirements well.

Luckily, you can find tons of professional app developers to work with you. However, outsourcing is a valid option only if you have some trustworthy leads that you can rely on.

To help you make a choice, here are three critical factors you must never forget:

  1. Educate yourself: Learn the basics of mobile apps and the programming languages used in it. Look into details about different platforms and decide the most suitable one for your app.Know the rates and compare to estimate the cost of hiring an app developer. The more understanding you have regarding the subject, the better professional you will be able to employ.
  2. Check for previous experience: You wouldn’t opt for a fresh doctor without any experience to carry out surgery, will you? Similarly, you need to look for an experienced professional in the field who knows what he or she is doing. You don’t want to drag this simple process by hiring an inexperienced person
  3. Communicate as a team member: Look for someone passionate about their work and know-how on your business. A reliable individual will appreciate communication and be comfortable with suggestions, ideas, and feedback. The idea is to develop a relationship so you can move forward with your ideas about the final product together.

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How to Hire a Dedicated App Developer?

Whether you are looking for a dedicated developer for an Android or iOS application or both, you cannot rely on one person but a team/company to deliver you customized, high quality, and scalable app.

Here are a few more tips to help you hire the right person for this crucial job.


This could be a significant concern if you are planning to outsource the job. To develop an app that perfectly syncs with your business vision, the developer will access valuable information about your brand and business.

When you hire a dedicated team, they are entirely responsible for your security. Your data and project are secure, and you can decide on a budget and time-frame accordingly.


Hiring dedicated developers for a given time allows them to access direct resources and take control as per the demand of the project throughout the cycle.


You must stress the fact that the people to be hired should possess the expertise and knowledge in developing mobile apps. You will be at peace knowing that a team of experts is handling your project.


The team working on your project will have complete focus on it in the given period. It allows you to pay attention to other things like developing a strategy, app promotion, and the final launch of your app.


Dedicated app developers will allow your input during work-in-progress to ensure both the parties are on the same page as far as the development cycle is concerned.

Professionals ensure that deadlines and milestones are achieved with the help of project management software for easy tracking.

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Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes While Hiring a Dedicated App Developer

  • Don’t forget to budget the whole plan
  • Consider cost as a major factor
  • Don’t hire someone not familiar with your business
  • Don’t compromise on deadlines and timeframe
  • Cheaper isn’t always better; compare your options
  • Consider both pre-launch and post-launch stage
  • Consider the prior experience of potential candidates
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Working with a dedicated app developer (team) is an effective way to hire the best workforce for this crucial development with minimal risk. The idea is to stick to experts and specialists with unique expertise to keep every stage of app development in check.

So take your time and identify your requirements to decide the type of app developing skills you will need for achieving desirable results.

We hope you find this material useful and it answers all the questions you had in your mind about hiring a dedicated app developer for your business.

Written by Samar Patel

Having experience of 15+ years in the Software Industry and worked with Fortune 500 companies in consulting roles in 2020, Samar Patel has joined MindInventory been using his creative vision and excellent insight into company management to enhance operations as the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of MindInventory. Upon taking over the position, Samar started in the field of leadership at an early age, taking on multiple leadership roles in various large scale to stealth startups.