How Did We Optimise Operations for an Insurance Claim Management Firm?

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The Brief

  • Squaredash, an insurance claim management firm, helps companies and individuals obtain insurance claims as early as possible. With a commitment to providing exceptional service to both clients and partners, the firm recognized the need for a modern and intuitive user interface (UI). The prime goal was to enhance user experience, maximize efficiency, and reduce claim processing duration.
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The Challenge

  • Squaredash had a steep learning curve, and the claim workflow was not optimized, leading to delays in processing claims due to potential errors. Moreover, the website was not easy to access and demanded an enhanced look and feel, user profile management, login pages, search filters, document scanning, architecture, etc.

The Solution

  • Our team meticulously reviewed the existing information architecture to look for complexities and structure Xsquared’s UI UX design and grouping features logically to enhance user comprehension.

User Interface Design

Our experts designed and implemented a user-friendly navigation system while incorporating contextual cues to guide users seamlessly through the claims processing journey. They also ensured navigation elements were logical and aligned with the user's mental models, reducing cognitive load.

Login Page Creation

We designed the login page cautiously, keeping a clear and concise layout and strategically placing fields and labels to reduce cognitive load. Our designers introduced personalization features allowing users to customize their login environment, including setting preferences for language, theme, and dashboard layout.

AI-based Scanning

To automate the document intake process, we integrated AI-powered PDF scanning capabilities that were smart enough to extract relevant information from claim documents.We also set up the document verification workflow and integrated AI algorithms to cross-verify extracted data with internal databases and external sources.

User Experience Enhancement

We embraced human-centered design principles while focusing on empathy, iteration, and collaboration, placing the needs and behaviors of users at the forefront of the design process. We incorporated micro-interactions to provide subtle feedback for user actions, uplifting user experience to certain standards.

The Impact

  • With our strategies, Squaredash fostered a positive and efficient user experience in their insurance claim processing journey. The user-centric principles and flawless design contributed to the growth of the organization and strengthened the company's relationships with clients and partners in the insurance industry, helping it fetch a broad clientele.
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