How MindInventory Collaborated with Harvard Graduates to Build Sentimental Analysis Platform for Corporates

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The Brief

  • ChipBrain is an AI-powered call analyzer designed to get valuable insights and actionable recommendations from emotional and conversational cues by integrating AI into sales calls, customer service calls, and even communications platforms like Zoom, HubSpot, and more utilizing the power of Natural Language Processing and Speech to Text Algorithms.

    This platform empowers sales representatives to overcome potential misinterpretations and missed opportunities due to manual assessment of customer interactions. It enables these executives to take a more personalized approach when interacting with their customers. The AI also allows the sales team to improve their communication approach based on their analysis.

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The Challenge

  • Our client achieved impressive accuracy for their AI model for emotion detection and prediction over time. However, they had a gap to fill when it comes to offering a platform that is easy to use and engaging. Along with it, developing an AI/ML-powered custom model with functionality not limited to analyzing the in-app calls, but can also be integrated with third-party tools and applications to help the sales reps regardless of the communication tools or apps they use.
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The Solution

  • To make our clients idea of empowering sales executives to overcome challenges associated with manual assessment of conversations and take a more personalized approach when interacting with customers. Here is how our team assisted ChipBrain in building their AI-powered call analyzing platform:

AI-based Interface Design Solution

Our designers assisted our client in creating an easy-to-use and engaging platform for ChipBrain. We developed an AI-based interface design solution focused on enhancing user experience and maximizing the usability of the platform.

Cross-Platform Integration Module

Our team created an integration module enabling client to seamlessly connect with a wide array of communication tools and applications to ensure that sales reps can use advanced emotion detection capabilities, regardless of the platforms they prefer for customer communication.

Real-Time Analysis and Feedback System

To enhance the platform’s engagement, Our team implemented a real-time analysis and feedback system to provide immediate insights and recommendations during calls, helping sales reps adjust their strategies on the fly for optimized customer engagement.

Custom AI/ML Model for Speech-to-Text and Sentiment Analysis

For extracting actionable insights from sales and customer service calls, we focused on creating specialized model which does accurate speech-to-text conversion and deep sentiment analysis, allowing the system to understand not just the words but the emotions.

Feedback Loop for Continuous Improvement

A structured feedback loop was established to gather user insights and suggestions on platforms’ functionality and usability. This ensured the platform evolved in line with user needs, maintaining its relevance and effectiveness in enhancing sales communications.

Enhanced Data Privacy and Security Measures

Recognizing the sensitivity of sales and customer service calls, Our team of AI/ML development implemented advanced data privacy and security protocols within the platform. This safeguarded user data and built trust among sales professionals and their clients, encouraging more widespread use.

The Impact

  • The collaboration between our team and ChipBrain resulted in a transformative impact on the sales and customer service landscape. Here is how their AI is making a difference in empowering sales teams to enhance customer interactions:

Growth in user engagement


Boost in sales conversions


Increase in overall efficiency

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