How MindInventory Assisted Neo Intelligence To Revolutionize Construction Project Management

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The Brief

  • Neo Intelligence(once business owners of a construction company) is a mobile app and web-based admin console built for subcontractors to improve real estate project productivity, quality, and profitability(on or off-site), regardless of project size. The app has features like a project calendar, digital timesheets, staff communication, live reporting, custom dashboards and reports, and multi-project visibility.
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The Challenge

  • The client approached us with an existing platform and wanted our team to assist in scaling up their solution. Their software solution mitigates the administrative burdens enabling managers to reclaim their valuable time for more strategic pursuits.
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The Solution

  • In response to the challenge presented by the client, our team undertook the task of elevating their existing platform to new heights. The objective was clear, to provide construction business managers with a software solution that not only streamlines their workflows but also recovers valuable time previously spent on tedious administrative tasks. Here are some of the solutions we implemented for it:

Strategic Business & Technology Consultation

We collaborated closely with the client to understand their unique needs, challenges, and long-term goals. This allowed us to align technological solutions with the client's business objectives, ensuring a project roadmap that addresses immediate concerns apart from setting the stage for sustained growth and innovation.

Custom Dashboard & Reports

The reports provide businesses with accessible and actionable insights. Whereas the custom dashboards offer the managers a consolidated view or real-time data visualization of key performance indicators, project milestones, and financial metrics, enabling quick assessments and informed decision-making.

Multiple Real Estate Project Tracking

This solution enables managers to get real-time visibility and address the complexity of managing multiple real estate projects concurrently. It facilitates monitoring progress, allocating resources efficiently, and ensures seamless coordination across various projects.

Project Budget Tracking

This functionality provides a granular view of financial metrics allowing managers to monitor project expenditures in real-time, track budget adherence, and identify potential cost overruns to optimize budgetary allocations before they escalate.

The Impact

  • The strategic solution we devised, including custom dashboards, real-time project tracking, and budget monitoring, has not only revolutionized project management but has also delivered tangible, impactful results for our clients as highlighted below.

Reduction in Admin Time


Savings From Wage Theft


Reduction in Contract Disputes

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