Beantsingh Duggal

AVP Sales working at Mindinventory, with overall experience of 13+ years, Beant Singh Duggal is evaluating business opportunities and potential markets by analyzing financial feasibility studies and conducting market research. He oversees the efforts to support and assist the organization in identifying and securing new Business opportunities, facilitating efforts to develop, implement and refine standard procedures for researching, collecting, and tracking information about clients including client’s coordinates, pipelines, and previous outsourcing experiences.


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The Rise Of On-demand Apps During Coronavirus Outbreak – How We Can Help You With?

Regardless of where you are, the chances are that your life has been highly affected by the ongoing pandemic....

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Top 10 Points to Consider When Planning the Budget for On-Demand Mobile App

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How Much an App Development Cost – 2022 Detailed Overview

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How to Estimate the Cost of Flutter App Development?

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How to Hire Dedicated Developers for Your Project

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Top 3 On-Demand Food Delivery Platforms to Make Restaurant Business Successful

Good food is something that makes us happy and food is what we all earn for. From lower to...

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Top Reasons Why You Should Go For Native Mobile App Development

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Courier Delivery App Development: Features and Cost Estimation

Gone are the days when doves used to deliver letters from one place to another. In this modern era,...

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Why New Businesses Need the Support of Web Development Companies

For a new business, the first publicity comes through its website most of the time. Within the digitized settings...

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Best Practices App Developers Should Follow to Enhance Mobile App Data Security

Imagine waking up one morning and finding your photos, conversations, and more on the internet for all of the...

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The Biggest Announcement from Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference

The F8 developer conference of Facebook has already started and the opening keynote has just been finished. CEO Mark...

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Ticket Booking App Development: Key Features and Cost Estimation

In the digitized business space, a large number of entrepreneurs are inclined in launching their ticket booking apps. Customers...

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