How We Transformed Property Selling and Buying Experience with Feature-Rich Web App?


The Brief

  • HelloReeve, a dynamic real estate conglomerate, envisioned an all-inclusive digital platform catering to a broad audience like sellers, buyers, and brokers. The client sought our help to develop a user-friendly web app that simplified property listing, updated information, tracked interactions, and assisted users.
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The Challenge

  • The web app was half-designed previously and required proper redesigning. Moreover, the client wanted to simplify property listing which was a lengthy process that demands accurate and comprehensive information, including property details, pricing, and high-quality images.
  • Along with it, visit scheduling, accurate data management, privacy concerns, real-time updates, availability, deal closing, marketing, etc., were other issues our client wanted to address through the HelloRevee web app. Also, property mapping and listing verification as real estate portals are susceptible to fraudulent listings, where scammers may post fake properties to deceive potential buyers.
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The Solution

  • Our development team conducted a thorough analysis to identify key components that can be retained and integrated into the new web app. Our experts implemented a phased approach to redesign the web app while gradually introducing new features and ensuring backward compatibility. We build front-end and back-end infrastructure, modules, and third-party API to restructure the web app.

Quick & Smart Property Listing

We implemented an innovative property listing feature using AI algorithms and third-party APIs to streamline the process for users. The feature enabled owners to swiftly list their properties, autofill smart form descriptions, expedite the data entry process, identify key features in images, generate property descriptions, and analyze market trends for price estimation.

Expert Pricing Analysis

The web application used machine learning models to analyze historical property data, market trends, and economic indicators to help users estimate property rates. We have utilized predictive analytics to generate accurate and real-time insights into the dynamic nature of the real estate market.

Advanced Features

We enhanced value proportions by integrating advanced features like a visit scheduling model for owners and potential buyers. There are supporting features like open house schedule, walk-in visit, push notifications for reminders, automatic requests, allowing multiple visitors at the same time, visit cancellations, etc. It is also integrated with the Multiple Listing System (MLS) which functions as a centralized database system that allows real estate agents to list properties for buy or sell.

Marketing & Services

Our team followed a multi-faceted approach to make the web application more dynamic. We developed features that allowed users to make the hoardings, banners and other media using marketing tools to reach a broader audience through the platform. They can find suitable individuals for buying or selling property through integrated social media platforms within the portal.

The Impact

  • HelloReeve, the real estate portal, was launched successfully. It was appreciated among users for providing a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for property owners, buyers, sellers, and brokers. Our client obtained increased user engagement, higher conversion rates, and improved collaboration between involved parties. The platform became a go-to destination for anyone involved in real estate deals, fostering a thriving and interconnected community.

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